5 things to know for October 27: weapons test, Trump, Iran, Lake Mead, self-driving cars


If you’re planning on going out this Halloween weekend, check your local forecast to make sure the weather doesn’t put a damper on your plans. While most of the country should be fear-free, there will be some scary skies in the Pacific Northwest and Deep South.

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The US military will launch a rocket today, with experiments to develop hypersonic weapons. The military conducted a successful test on Wednesday to gather information about hypersonic missile components, including heat-resistant materials and advanced electronics. The Pentagon has made developing hypersonic weapons one of its top priorities after China launched successful hypersonic launches last year and Russia began using hypersonic missiles in its war against Ukraine. Hypersonic weapons travel at speeds greater than Mach 5, or approximately 4,000 kilometers per hour, and are difficult to detect and intercept in time. The missiles can maneuver and change altitude, allowing them to evade missile defense systems. Additionally, Biden administration officials said Wednesday that they have warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that “there could be dire consequences” if Moscow uses a nuclear weapon to attack Ukraine.

Former President Donald Trump has announced a rally in Florida that will feature Sen. Marco Rubio, but will leave out Gov. Ron DeSantis, even though he’s currently running for re-election in the state. It comes as the relationship between Trump and DeSantis, once allies, has drifted apart ahead of a possible 2024 presidential race. Trump is also upset that DeSantis has not said he would not run in 2024, should the former president enter the race. said a source. Trump, meanwhile, has accelerated plans for another presidential bid with stops in Nevada, Ohio, Arizona and Michigan in his final campaign. He’s also preparing his political operation for the rest of 2022, including assembling his campaign leadership, figuring out plans for his remaining midterm rallies, and finding a place to launch what he envisions is a political comeback.

The US has imposed a raft of new sanctions against Iranian officials involved in Iran’s crackdown on nationwide protests. The Biden administration’s sanctions on Iran come as the United States and Europe work to counter the growing cooperation between Iran and Russia in the war in Ukraine. Russian forces have struck Ukrainian cities with Iranian drones in recent weeks. Vedant Patel, a senior deputy spokesman for the State Department, said last week that the “deterioration” of relations between Russia and Iran should be seen as a “deep threat.” Separately, CNN has obtained exclusive visual evidence of the death of Iranian teenager Nika Shahkarami, a 16-year-old protester who was found dead in Tehran last month. The Iranian government says he died after falling from the roof of a building, but videos and testimony are raising new questions about officials’ claims.

Exclusive evidence shows the protester was chased and later arrested by police before disappearing

A diver has found more human remains in Lake Mead, making it at least the sixth such discovery this year. The National Park Service confirmed the “discovery of human skeletal remains” after divers found what appeared to be a human bone on Oct. 17. This latest discovery comes as a result of a prolonged drought that continues to lower the water level of the massive lake. Falling water levels in the lake have also unearthed relics including sunken ships, a World War II-era landing craft, and ancient volcanic rock. Lake Mead, located on the Nevada-Arizona border, is the nation’s largest reservoir and serves about 25 million people in Arizona, Nevada, California, and Mexico.

The Lake Mead boat is reborn

Watch a sunken ship leave Lake Mead


– Source: CNN

Ford and Volkswagen, two of the world’s largest automakers, are closing down their joint effort to develop self-driving cars. Ford said on Wednesday that it had concluded that the profitable commercialization of self-driving cars was further away than expected, so it would take a $2.7 billion hit to divest AI startup Argo. The company said it was still “optimistic” about the future of self-driving cars, but added that “cost-effective, fully autonomous vehicles at scale are a long way off.” Rather than Argo developing self-driving technology for cars without steering wheels, brakes or accelerator pedals, Ford said it will rely on simpler driver-assistance technologies that have been easier to develop and market.

Taylor Swift’s ‘Anti-Hero’ music video angers some viewers

After swift criticism online, Apple Music removed a controversial scene from the Grammy winner’s new music video.

Chipotle is testing a robotic tortilla chip maker

In cheese In case you didn’t know, Chipotle is testing a robot called “Chippy” that could debut in multiple locations soon. See it in action here.

Martha Stewart answers those who want to talk to Pete Davidson

A growing number of people have pointed out that Stewart, at 81, would have dated Davidson at 28…and technically, he didn’t turn it down.

Princess Diana’s revenge dress remains one of the most iconic pop culture moments in history

Shortly after Prince Charles revealed his infidelity to Princess Diana, he attended a gala in a dress so dazzling it has since become known as the ‘revenge dress’.

TikTok has helped spread another dangerous idea

Medical professionals say that people should not participate in this TikTok trend: shut your mouth while you sleep.


That’s how many people were injured Wednesday at a Missouri theme park after parts of a train ride came off. Six guests and one employee were transported by ambulance for medical treatment shortly after the incident, the Silver Dollar City theme park said in a statement. The park did not specify the extent of the injuries.

“Skechers does not consider and does not intend to work with West. We condemn his recent fragmentary statements and do not tolerate anti-Semitism or hate speech.”

– Skechers sports shoes company, released a statement Wednesday after embattled musician Kanye West was escorted from a Los Angeles building. The company said West, who has legally changed his name to Ye, “arrived unannounced and uninvited.” He said in the statement that he was engaged in “unauthorized filming” and was escorted away “after a brief conversation”. West’s visit to Skechers comes a day after Adidas ended its partnership with the musician over recent anti-Semitic comments.

rain for south Thursday

Strong storms and necessary rain for the South


– Source: CNN

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Swimming with thousands of jellyfish

On this beautiful island in Palau you can swim with a swarm of jellyfish without getting stung. Watch this video to see how. (Click here to view)