Aaron Judge: Wife of Toronto Blue Jays jokes ‘divorce’ after watching her give husband a winning ball


It might have been a major payday for the man who beat Aaron Judge on Wednesday, but the night ended with him joking about “divorcing” his wife.

It was a light moment after Judge tied Roger Maris’ single-season American League home run record with his 61st homer against the Toronto Blue Jays.

The New York Yankees slugger sent the ball flying over the Rogers Center fence, where it was nearly caught by two fans, both of whom were mortified after letting it slip through their fingers.

Instead, the expensive piece of history hit the stands and tumbled into the bullpen, where it was eventually picked up by Blue Jays pitching coach Matt Buschmann.

Buschmann’s eagle-eyed wife spotted her husband holding the ball at home in Florida as Hurricane Ian slammed into the state.

“The bad news is that I’m here in Florida fighting a hurricane, but the good news is that I can announce my retirement,” sportscaster Sara Walsh. he tweeted after seeing her husband holding the lucrative collectible, which could fetch upwards of seven figures at auction.

However, moments later, Buschmann gave the ball to Toronto closer Jordan Romano before eventually giving it back to Judge himself.

This, according to Walsh, was grounds for divorce.

“Oh nice. He just sent that back without checking if our house is here? Next time I’d like to announce our divorce,” Walsh tweeted.

After receiving the ball, Judge gave it to his mother, Patty, after the game.

Patty was watching from the front row of the stands and was sitting next to Roger Maris Jr., as she had been for the past few weeks.

“She’s been with me through it all,” Judge told reporters of her mother.

“From the Little League days, getting me ready for school, taking me to my first practices and games, being there for my first professional game, my debut and now to be here for this — this is something special, and we’re not done yet.”

After the 394-foot home run, Judge received a standing ovation from the Toronto crowd and was greeted by teammates as he touched home plate.

Yankees legends Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez also took to social media to celebrate the achievement.

“Yes!!!” Jeter tweeted, while Rodriguez tweeted “Bam!!!! for 61 [Judge]”.

Judge will have a chance to break the AL record on Friday when the Yankees host the Baltimore Orioles.

If he manages to do that, there will undoubtedly be an uproar for whoever gets to catch the ball.