According to the Biden administration, applications for student loan forgiveness are now open through the website in beta form


The Biden administration opened the application process for Americans seeking student debt relief in a beta period beginning Friday evening, officials told CNN, allowing applicants to begin signing up before the website formally launches later this month.

In August, President Joe Biden announced his decision to cancel his decision to: $10,000 in student loan debt for people making less than $125,000 a year, or $20,000 for borrowers who were Pell Grant recipients.

“Tonight, the Department of Education will begin beta testing its student debt relief website. During the beta testing period, borrowers will be able to submit applications for the Biden-Harris Administration’s student debt relief program,” a Department of Education spokesperson told CNN exclusively on Friday.

The website is available at:

Anyone applying for debt relief during the beta period will receive a confirmation email, but their application won’t be processed until the site formally launches, which is expected at a date to be announced before the end of October. Once processing begins, most borrowers are expected to clear their debt within weeks.

The spokesperson continued, “Borrowers will not need to reapply if they apply during the beta test, but the application will not be processed until the site is officially launched later this month. This test period will allow the Department to monitor the site’s performance through real-world use.” , will be able to test the site before the official app launch to improve processes and uncover potential bugs before the official launch.”

The Education Department’s technical team will monitor the site’s performance in real time and the beta version of the site will have scheduled outages as the team assesses what improvements and adjustments are needed, an administration official told CNN in a phone interview, another official added. that “significant surges in demand” are expected. Anyone attempting to submit their application during a beta phase will be advised to re-verify.

While there will be no changes to the app itself, there may be changes to the website software as the tech team continues to monitor how it works in beta mode.

The application form will contain information about debt relief, who it is and how it works. It will ask applicants for information, including full name, Social Security number, date of birth, phone number and email address.

Prospective applicants who signed up for updates on the student debt relief process will receive an email alerting them to the beta website, and once the website is formally launched, the White House will begin leveraging its social channels to promote it. There are also plans to announce digital creators and influencers in the coming weeks, officials said.