Akshata Murty: Rishi Sunak’s wife is a software heir who is richer than the king


NR Narayana Murthy, one of India’s richest men, had mixed feelings when he heard about the man who would be his son-in-law.

“I was also a little sad and jealous when you told us you had found your life partner,” he wrote to his daughter Akshata Murty in a letter published in “Legacy: Letters of Eminent Parents to their Daughters”.

“But when I met Rishi and saw that he was everything you described – brilliant, handsome and above all, honest – I understood why you let him steal your heart,” Rishi said of a Sunak. became Britain’s prime minister on Tuesday after emerging victorious from a chaotic contest to replace Liz Truss.

In addition to being Britain’s youngest leader for 200 years, Sunak is also the first non-white prime minister. And thanks in large part to his wife Murty, Sunak will be one of the wealthiest people to reach the top of the political establishment.

Murty has a 0.93% stake in his father’s Indian software company Infosys, worth approximately $715 million. The majority of the couple’s net worth is 730 million pounds ($830 million), according to the Sunday Times Rich List, an annual ranking of Britain’s richest people.

Queen Elizabeth wasn’t that rich either – the Sunday Times put the monarch’s net worth at £370 million (about $420 million) before her death. And this state of super-wealth almost derailed Sunak’s rise.

In April, it was reported that Murty had a tax status in the UK, which meant he could avoid paying tax on his overseas earnings. Suna, who was Chancellor of the Exchequer at the time, recently raised the overall burden on UK taxpayers to its highest level since the 1940s.

After trying to ride out the storm, Murty make a statement which confirmed the reports. “In recent days, people have asked questions about my tax arrangements: to be clear, I have paid tax in this country on my UK income and international tax on my international income,” he said. he wrote on Twitter. “This set-up is perfectly legal and how many non-residents are taxed in the UK. But it has become clear that many do not feel it is compatible with my husband’s role as chancellor.”

The state of homelessness has created a debate in the United Kingdom; tax campaigners say it benefits the super-rich. Accepting the controversy, Murty said he would waive his perks.

“I understand and appreciate Britain’s sense of fairness and I do not want my tax status to be a distraction for my husband or affect my family. Therefore, I will no longer claim the tax remittance basis,” she added on Twitter.

The Suna referred to then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s independent adviser for uproar over ministers’ interests as the country grappled with a cost-of-living crisis. He was later cleared for breaking the ministerial code.

Asked about the couple’s wealth in an August interview with the UK Times, Suna, who was campaigning against Truss in his first bid for the leadership, said: “I think in this country we judge people by their character and their actions, not by what’s in their bank account. Today I’m lucky but I didn’t grow up like that. I worked very hard for what I got, my family worked hard and that’s why I want to do this job.”

Murty was not born into riches.

Infosys was founded by his father in 1981, a year after his birth. “We couldn’t afford a phone at home in those days, and my then colleague, Arvind Kher, went from our office in Nariman Point (Mumbai) to our house in Bandra (a suburb of Mumbai) to tell us that your mother gave birth to you,” wrote NR Narayana Murthy ” Legacy”.

“Life has changed for us since then and there is enough money, but you know our lifestyle remains simple,” he added in the letter.

Sunak writes on his official website that he and Murty met in California while both were studying MBAs at Stanford University.

They got married in 2009 in Bangalore, India. The Indian press described the party as a “no-frills” event attended by close friends and family, and the Murthys are “known to respect their privacy”.

Murty founded the womenswear brand Akshata Designs, described in a 2011 short profile in Vogue India: “Fusing local craftsmanship with contemporary Western silhouettes.”

In the interview, Murty said that his love of clothes “confused” his mother, who was confused as to why “a no-nonsense engineer” Murty would “spend so much time creating different outfits from my wardrobe”.

The couple had two daughters, Krishna and Anoushka, and in 2015, Suna was elected MP in the safe Conservative Party seat of Richmond in North Yorkshire.

In the UK, he and Suna are listed as directors of Catamaran Ventures, a venture capital firm founded by his father, and Murty is listed at Companies House as a director of Digme Fitness, a high-end gym chain. After the administration fought the Covid-19 pandemic.

When Suna made her first appearance for the Conservative Party leader in August, she told the Times that it was their differences that caused the pair to settle down.

“I’m super neat, it’s really messy… I’m a lot more organized, it’s more spontaneous… she doesn’t love me for saying this, but I’ll be honest with you, she’s not big on all the tidying. thing It’s an absolute nightmare, clothes everywhere…and shoes…God shoes…,” she said.

Suna does not drink, a fact that angers Murty, he said. “I really tried [to drink alcohol]”, he told the Times. “My family drinks, my wife certainly does. It makes her really angry that I don’t. My parents did, my dad was upset that I wouldn’t share a glass of wine with him, but luckily my little brother came along. it was and it was fine.”