Albuquerque Chief: The man who led Officer Fanone to the mob in the US Capitol was sentenced to more than 7 years


Former Washington DC Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone, the man who led the crowd into violent riots on January 6, 2021, said, “I’ve got one!” he was sentenced to 90 months on Thursday.

In the lower west terrace tunnel, a small entrance to the Capitol, the crowd with anti-police chemical sprays, batons, bats and officers’ batons and shields against the line of police – including Fanone – protecting the building and those inside.

During the struggle, a man named Albuquerque Head pulled Fanone away from his fellow officers, wrapped his arm around Fanone’s neck, dragged him into the crowd, and, according to court documents, knocked Fanone unconscious and beat him.

“These were some of the darkest acts on one of (our) darkest days,” Jackson District Judge Amy Berman said Thursday before handing down the sentence.

“He was your booty, he was your trophy,” he said of Fanone, later adding that the officer was “protecting America” ​​that day.

The Kingsport, Tennessee, chief pleaded guilty in May to assaulting a police officer and has been in custody since April 2021.

During the hearing, prosecutors played video from Fanon’s body-worn camera on Jan. 6, which showed Head initially telling Fanon, “I’m going to get you out of here.”

“Thank you,” Fanon replied.

Fanon testified at sentencing that he initially believed Head was trying to help. Seconds later, however, Head yelled “I got one!” to the mafia

Fanon testified that he felt like the head was “suffocating me and dragging me into the evil crowd,” holding Fanon down as another riot ensued. The officer suffered a heart attack after being hit by the rioters and punched repeatedly in the neck, Fanon said.

“Show Mr. Buru the same mercy he showed me on January 6,” Fanon told the judge Thursday. “No one.”

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The footage also showed Fanone’s first words as he regained consciousness as officers carried him inside the Capitol. “Did we take the door back?” he asked his comrades.

Fanone is now a CNN contributor.

The chief chose not to speak at Thursday’s hearing.

“The head appears before this Honorable Court a 43-year-old man seeking redemption and mercy,” his defense attorney, Nicholas Wallace, wrote in a sentencing memorandum, noting that his father was in prison and his mother was in prison. “Declining health”.

Head’s attorney blamed his client’s long rap sheet on a former opioid and other drug addict, saying his crimes “stopped” after he got sober several years ago.

Head’s fiancé and the mother of his two daughters attended the sentencing Thursday and wrote a letter to the judge on Head’s behalf that Jackson called “raw” and “truthful.”

Jackson, after reading the letter, declared that “women are the ones who will suffer”.