All three in the Jan. 6 incident were found guilty of multiple felonies for assaulting officers


Three rioters who took part in the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol in one of the deadliest attacks on police were found guilty of multiple crimes after a trial before a federal judge on Tuesday.

Patrick McCaughey indicted on nine counts, including assault with a deadly weapon, for the attack on police officer Daniel Hodges, Washington DC. A video of the attack, in which Hodges screamed in pain as he was crushed against a door and his mask was removed, went viral shortly after the attack.

“Lower West Terrace and the Lower West Terrace Tunnel were the scenes of shocking violence and hostility toward police on January 6, 2021,” District Judge Trevor McFadden said before handing down his sentence. “No police officer should be subjected to these attacks.”

“Mr. McCaughey used the force of his body, and the force of the other rioters behind him, to pin Officer Hodges against the wall and leave him “defenseless against the other rioters,” McFadden said, adding that Hodges was “crushed” and pulled out.” screams of pain in the gut.’

One of McCaughey’s co-defendants, Tristan Stevens, was also found guilty of nine counts. The other, David Mehaffie, was found guilty of four charges.

Stevens and Mehaffie were acquitted of obstructing official proceedings, as McFadden said government prosecutors failed to prove that the two knew the Electoral College voting certificate was inside the Capitol when they arrived.

Dozens of people sat quietly in the courtroom as McFadden delivered the verdict.

After the nearly two-hour trial, McCaughey was jailed and not allowed to say goodbye to his mother, who was in court. Another McCaughey supporter yelled at U.S. Marshals as McCaughey was led away in handcuffs and later cried in the hallway of the D.C. courthouse.

According to prosecutors, the three men were involved in an attack on police officers guarding the entrance to the Capitol tunnel on Lower West Terrace – officers were beaten, trampled and even dragged in an hour-long attack.

McCaughey and Stevens fought police, prosecutors said, while Mehaffie directed mob members in and out of the Lower West Terrace tunnel.

The three men argued several times during the trial that they were caught up in the crowd, were trying to help the officers or were unaware of the violence. But McFadden said that testimony from several police officers during the trial, including Hodges and former Capitol Police Sergeant Aquilino Gonell – both of whom have spoken about the events of Jan. 6 – as well as videos of the incident undermined those claims.

According to Gonell, Stevens struck him several times with a stolen riot shield and attempted to steal another officer’s baton.

“Even now, after dealing with the trauma, I still struggle with the timeline. But I remember your defendant and what he did,” Gonell told Stevens’ attorney.

Hodges testified that McCaughey stepped on a door inside the tunnel, pushing against him with a riot shield. Prosecutors showed pictures of Hodges taken after the attack, showing half of Hodge’s face covered in blood and bruises and swelling all over his body.

McCaughey, Stevens and Mehaffie will be sentenced in November.

Three other men charged in the attack, Robert Morss, Geoffrey Sills and David Lee Judd, were found guilty of obstructing official proceedings at a trial in late August. Morss and Sills were also found guilty of assault.