Analysis: ‘From Scratch’ delivers one of the sweetest new shows this week

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The temperatures are starting to drop, so for me, it’s time for some comfort food.

Curling up with something tasty to eat or drink definitely suits me better than going out into the cold.

And what’s hibernation without some fun and interesting new entertainment to consume?

‘from scratch’

I’ve been looking forward to this new Netflix series since reading Tembi Locke’s memoir that my book club is based on.

It tells the story of Amahle “Amy” Wheeler (played by Zoe Saldaña), who falls in love with a Sicilian chef while on a study program in Italy. But the couple faces some challenges because of their different cultural backgrounds and their battle with cancer.

Even though I know how it all ends, I’m looking forward to “From Scratch” playing now.

‘The school of good and evil’

(From left) Professor Kerry Washington Dovey and Charlize Theron in a scene from Lady Lesso

Could it be magic?

In this contemporary fairy tale based on Soman Chainani’s novel for adults, two best friends find themselves pitted against each other in a haunted school where young heroes and villains are trained to protect the balance of good and evil.

The film is worth it just for Charlize Theron, who plays the head of the School for Evil, and Kerry Washington’s character who oversees the School for Good, although I don’t think I ever imagined either of them in such a project. (Other notable teachers include Michelle Yeoh and Laurence Fishburne.)

“The School for Good and Evil” is in select theaters and streaming on Netflix.

‘Chrissy’s Court’

Chrissy Teigen in a scene

Model, food expert, DJ and judge. Is there anything Chrissy Teigen can’t do?

You have to go along for the ride with this small claims comedy show where Teigen rules out real-life conflicts. There are plenty of arbitration shows, but this one is definitely in a courtroom.

Season 3 starting with “Chrissy’s Court” is now live on Roku.

Taylor Swift performs at the NSAI Nashville Songwriter Awards at the Ryman Auditorium on September 20 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Taylor Swift’s new music is always cause for celebration, and usually a lot of lyrical detective work.

But this time, we won’t have to guess so much about what Swift’s songs are about; She has been sharing the stories behind some of the songs on her new album “Midnights” on social media.

These teasers also include the “Midnights Manifest,” which provides an inside look at Swift’s life and schedule around the album’s release. We could get used to spoiling you like this, Tay!

“Midnights” is out now.

Meghan Trainor attends the Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on February 10, 2019.

Meghan Trainor’s life has changed quite a bit since her 2014 hit “All About That Bass.”

The singer gave birth to her first child with husband Daryl Sabara in 2021. She recently told People magazine that she underwent a “traumatic” C-section, detailing a health scare she and Sabara had over their newborn’s sleeping habits.

Trainor also told EW that she’s focusing everything on her new album, “Takin’ It Back.”

“On previous albums, there would be a simple love song or a ‘I’ll be sure today’ song,” he said. “These songs: ‘Everybody, I’m fighting. This is real, but we’re all in this together. Who’s with me?’ It’s more real and raw.”

“Takin’ It Back” is also out now.

(From left) Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez attend the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures' second annual gala on Oct. 15.

Can people stop pitting Selena Gomez against Hailey Bieber?

The pair were spotted posing as friends at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures gala party in Los Angeles over the weekend and social media was abuzz.

Fans of each woman have attacked the other on social media for years. That’s because Gomez was in an on-off relationship with Justin Bieber before the singer then started dating Hailey Baldwin. The latter couple got married in 2018.

Hailey Bieber tried to dispel speculation that she “stole” her husband from Gomez during a recent podcast appearance. Gomez, on the other hand, is said to be calling for people to go easy on Ms. Bieber after the conversation went viral.

Fingers crossed the ultimate show of unity stops people from feeling like they have to pick sides.

(From left) Selma Blair and her dance partner, Sasha Farber, perform in a segment

Selma Blair taught the world a valuable lesson this week.

The multiple sclerosis actress left this season of “Dancing With the Stars” after the competition proved too much for her body.

Although she did well on the long-running reality competition, I applaud Blair for showing that it’s okay to back away from something that isn’t working for you.

By prioritizing her health, even though she clearly loves more than being on a show, Blair continues to set a strong example. Sometimes leaving is just as brave as showing up.