Anika Navaroli was identified as the former Twitter employee who raised the alarm about the posts before January 6


Rep. Jamie Raskin, a member of the House select committee investigating Jan. 6, 2021, revealed the identity of a former Twitter employee Thursday in anonymous testimony raising concerns about former President Donald Trump’s comments on the social media platform. the summer

The Maryland Democrat told CNN that she revealed Anika Navaroli’s identity Twitter because he wanted to present it before next week’s hearing, although it has not yet been decided whether his testimony will be part of that hearing.

“It’s very scary for whistleblowers to go up against big government or corporate bureaucracy,” Raskin said. “But as more people have come forward, people have become more comfortable telling the truth and being public about it.”

“I think the American public has been very supportive of people who are telling the truth, and they have a great story to tell about the repeated warnings about very violent messages that were posted on Twitter before Jan. 6, and the company has nothing to do with it. take no action.”

Navaroli, who was on the company’s content moderation team, testified to the committee that he was concerned about content posted on Twitter by the Proud Boys and other extremist groups that echoed Trump’s remarks.

According to testimony at a hearing in July, where the commission did not give his name, Navaroli said when asked about his gut feeling the night before Jan. 6: “I think I sent a Slack message to someone who said something like, ‘When people shoot each other tomorrow, they’re going to try I’m when we tried to rest'”.

“For months I was begging and predicting and trying to bring up the reality that I could see that if we didn’t intervene in this, people would die. I realized on January 5th that there was no intervention coming, and although I tried to create or set one, there was nothing. We were at the whim and mercy of a violent mob that was chained and loaded.’

Raskin identified Navaroli in a tweet Thursday evening, saying, “In July I shared an amazing testimony from an anonymous Twitter employee about the warning signs she saw about what was coming on January 6th. Today I am honored to share her identity with you. Thank you, Anika Navaroli, For answering the call of the commission and your country.’

He told CNN it was his decision to move on. “He wanted to go public, and I think he’s getting it, he’s been widely recognized for his bravery and his patriotism and for doing this.”

As for what could happen in the next hearing, Raskin said it’s “in the eye of the beholder.”

“I think the American public understands all the basic elements of what happened the same way we do. People understand that the former president would not take no for an answer,” Raskin said.

“So I think the American public gets that now. The public really understands. But there are undoubtedly significant details that are still outstanding, and I hope to make them public. But, you know, but it will be in the eye of the beholder.’