Apple’s head of industrial design is leaving the company three years after Jony Ive

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Apple’s head of industrial design, who most recently oversaw the design of products including the iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac computers, is leaving the company.

Evans Hankey was one of two people promoted to oversee the design team after the departure of longtime Apple ( AAPL ) product designer Jony Ive in June 2019. Apple ( AAPL ) told CNN that Hankey will remain with the company temporarily. time.

“Apple’s design team brings together creative experts from around the world and across multiple disciplines to imagine products that are undeniably Apple,” a spokesperson said. “The senior design team has strong leaders with decades of experience. Evans plans to continue working through the transition, and we want to thank him for his leadership and contributions.”

The departure, first reported by Bloomberg, comes at a time when many of Apple’s most popular products are receiving incremental design updates, such as long-rumored products. the mixed reality headset—a wearable device capable of virtual and augmented reality—doesn’t yet start up

Hankey started her own design company, LoveFrom, after leaving. (At the time of his departure, Apple said he would become one of his clients, but earlier this year he said they stopped working together.) I worked closely with Apple’s founder. Steve Jobs resurrected it into a brilliant line of products, from candy-colored iMacs to the iPod and the original iPhone. It made Apple’s fortune and eventually the most valuable company in the world. His work won design awards, knighthoods and the company of celebrities such as U2’s Bono.

In December 2021, Hankey and Dye offered Wallpaper, a design and lifestyle publication, a rare look at how Apple’s design team approaches new products. Hankey detailed the methods Apple used to improve notifications and the “tap” of the Apple Watch, and how he scanned thousands of ears to improve the shape of AirPods.

“Much of what we value about the team and the company started in the early days of design at Apple,” Hankey said. “We cannot overstate how fortunate we are to be in a company with such a rich and deep foundation. From the very early ‘think different’ mantra to Steve and Jony’s collective approach to craftsmanship, care and tool making, to their reverence for the creative process, this is what still drives us.’

Apple has yet to announce Hankey’s replacement.