Armie Hammer’s ex-wife talks for the first time about actress Elizabeth Chambers controversy


Armie Hammer’s estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers has publicly addressed a difficult personal time for the first time.

Chambers, who is in the process of divorcing Hammer, spoke on “House of Hammer,” a Discovery+ documentary series detailing the Hammer family and the actor’s infidelity.

“I wasn’t planning on seeing it, but I dropped the kids off at school one day and I came home and saw my support system around,” Chambers told E! News in an interview. “Obviously it was heartbreaking and very painful on so many levels. But at the same time, it exists. The past is the past and all we can do is take this as a moment to learn and listen, and hopefully process and heal in every capacity.”

Chambers revealed that he was asked to take part in the series, but declined.

“They arrived, but, in this process, what matters and what matters is the children and our family, and that was not something that would have been in line with my goals for them,” he said.

In 2020, after 10 years of marriage, Chambers filed for divorce from Hammer.

The two share two children, and Chambers says they’re in a “really great place” with their parents.

“We talk all the time. We are completely and utterly committed to our children, and to being together as much as possible in a non-romantic way for our children,” he said. “Children need a mother; children need a father. So there’s nothing we won’t do.”

As for Hammer, he’s trying to be “the best dad, the best person he can be.”

He concluded: “There’s an oxygen mask theory: you can’t really take care of someone until you take care of them. There’s a reason they say on the plane, ‘Secure your own mask before you help others.’ are there, so paying attention and protecting them right now has been very important.”