Artist Spencer Tunick wants volunteers for mass nude photo shoot in Sydney

Written by the author Christian Edwards, CNN

Artist Spencer Tunick is once again asking thousands of volunteers to strip naked for his iconic mass nudity photo shoot.
The American artist is returning to Sydney — where around 5,500 people descended on the city’s famous Opera House in 2010 — to stage his next “naked installation” to raise skin cancer awareness.

A strip of flesh the crowd will Gather on a Sydney beach on November 26 for a gathering that’s part art, part public health campaign.

Volunteers pose for Tunick on a Swiss glacier. Credit: Spencer Tunick

Photographer She is partnering with Skin Check Champions, a charity that runs free and educational skin check clinics. The installation will coincide with Australia’s National Skin Cancer Action Week, with Scott Maggs – the charity’s founder – asking everyone in the country to undergo a skin exam.

Maggs founded Skin Check Champions in 2010 after his friend Wes Bonny he died of skin cancer at the age of 26. The charity has since received endorsements from businessman Richard Branson, who hopes Tunick’s candid photos will bring global attention to the disease.

“We are aiming for at least 2,000 participants to represent the more than 2,000 Australians who die from skin cancer each year,” Maggs said in a press release.

“If the Sydney Opera House got 5,500 on a cold March morning in 2010, we hope to hit our target of 2,500,” he said. “Everyone is welcome to participate, we welcome all body types, genders and races, with a passion to stop skin cancer.”

02 spencer tunic mass nude photo shoot

Tunick has staged around 100 large-scale nude photographs in his career. Credit: Spencer Tunick

Tunick said in a statement that she was “honored to be a part of an artistic mission to raise awareness of the importance of skin checks” and added that she herself would benefit from the campaign as she was convinced to get her first. skin check in 10 years.

While other artists use paint, pastels, charcoal, clay and more, it is the material that defines Tunick’s work. the skin

“I use an amazing range of body types and skin tones to create my work, so it feels right to be involved in this endeavor, as my medium is the naked human form,” said Tunick.

Speaking to CNN in May 2020 about his previous shoot, Tunick said, “My job is to get naked people as close as possible to form an abstraction.”

Tunick uses his art to get rid of nudity and make people “respect the human body as an art form, like a painting or a sculpture,” he told CNN at the time.

04 spencer tunic mass nude photo session

Tunick’s Central Terminal Facility in Buffalo, New York in 2005. Credit: Spencer Tunick

Tunick has photographed 100 large-scale nudes in public places around the world, from Munich to Mexico City, where he photographed 18,000 naked participants.

But these buds are not easy. As thousands of volunteers are removed, city officials are known to intervene, resulting in Tunick’s arrest on several occasions.

Tunick was once caught up in a feud between the US Supreme Court justice and then-Mayor Rudi Giuliani of New York, who argued that the city would be “irreparably harmed” if a shooting was staged there.
In 2018, an Australian supermarket chain banned Tunick from shooting in the car park of one of its Melbourne stores – a decision that was eventually overturned following a high-profile appeal.
The latest installation will be Tunick’s fourth in Australia. Volunteers can sign up online for “Strip Off for Skin Cancer.”