Ukrainian synagogue turned into bomb shelter

Uman, Ukraine CNN — As air raid sirens sounded in the small Ukrainian town of Uman, about 200km south of the capital Kiev, families crammed into a makeshift bomb shelter under a central synagogue. Before Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine last week, the temple’s basement served as a public bathhouse for Jewish worshipers to … Read more

The Outsider Art Fair returns, in great shape

It’s been two years since the Outsider Art Fair last met, with over 60 galleries strong, at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan. But now it’s back and the atmosphere is, unsurprisingly, festive. The dealers are happy to see each other again. Many participants present new material, little-known or totally unknown works. Ask them. And the … Read more

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Novak Djokovic may be able to play at Roland Garros after Covid decision

Novak Djokovic’s bet that countries would start easing their vaccination requirements in time for him to compete in major tennis tournaments has started to pay off. French authorities announced on Thursday that the country would no longer require visitors to present proof of a Covid-19 vaccine to enter indoor establishments after March 14, most likely … Read more

US flag makers rush to fill orders for Ukrainian flags

Flag makers in the United States are cutting and sewing blue and yellow fabrics as fast as possible to meet the surge in demand for Ukraine’s flag since the country was invaded by Russia last week. Artie Schaller III, president of the National Flag Company, which manufactures flags and installs flagpoles, said he woke up … Read more

Leaked by others, Russia finds friends in Africa

NAIROBI, Kenya — Since the days of Nelson Mandela, South African leaders have dismissed American criticism of their friendships with autocrats like Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, whose countries have stood by them during their most difficult times. desperate for the anti-apartheid fight. Today, South Africans are defending their loyalty to another autocrat … Read more

CIA black sites are state secrets, Supreme Court rules

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Thursday halted a Guantánamo Bay detainee’s efforts to obtain information from two former CIA contractors involved in his torture, ruling that the investigation would inadmissibly expose state secrets . Judge Stephen G. Breyer, writing for a deeply fractured court, said the main question was whether the information sought by … Read more