Biden promotes three top staffers to West Wing positions


President Joe Biden has promoted three veteran White House officials to the top ranks of his West Wing staff, highlighting the roles of key players on his team as the administration enters a critical juncture.

Biden promoted Jennifer Klein, director of the White House Gender Policy Council; Vinay Reddy, Biden’s speech director; and Emmy Ruiz, White House director of political strategy and outreach, the role of assistant to the president.

“They are each members of our team from day one, and I am proud to announce the promotions of assistants to the president and to serve as senior members and trusted advisors in this White House,” Biden said in a statement. “The work they do in this administration is seen and felt by Americans across the country.”

Ron Klain, the White House chief of staff, announced the promotions at a daily meeting of senior staff. The announcement was met with a standing ovation, reflecting a trio of “well-liked and hard-working colleagues”, according to a source.

“Their promotions are a reflection of their hard work and unparalleled experience in each of their fields, and I am proud to continue serving alongside them,” said Klain.

While Biden is surrounded by a close group of longtime senior advisers, Klein, Reddy and Ruiz represent team members who have played key roles during Biden’s time in office.

Klein has become particularly instrumental in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision, Roe v. Wade to attack, serving as the administration’s point person for the response and helping direct allied planning and deployment as the administration grappled with policy and politics. the consequences of the decision.

Klein has led the Gender Policy Council, first created by Biden, since its inception in March 2021 and also served in senior policy positions in the Obama and Clinton administrations.

Reddy has been Biden’s chief speechwriter since the campaign, and has taken a leading role in the writing of Biden’s most important speeches and speeches over the past three years. Reddy was Biden’s chief speechwriter as vice president.

Ruiz, a longtime veteran Democratic political hand, is a central official in the White House’s political operations. He served as a campaign consultant to nearly every major Democratic candidate during recent campaign cycles, including Vice President Kamala Harris, President Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. Ruiz led the Clinton campaign’s efforts in Colorado and Nevada before moving on to become a senior adviser to the Democratic National Committee.

Since Biden has begun to accelerate his political activity in the last round before the elections, Ruiz has a central role in the strategy and the expansion of the parties.