Brad Pitt has launched a gender-neutral skincare line

Written by the author Amachi Orie, CNN

Brad Pitt has entered the world of beauty with the launch of a skin care line, and it’s for all genders.
“Le Domaine,” which the actress co-founded with organic winegrowers the Perrin family, aims to slow down the skin’s aging process so that everyone — regardless of gender or skin type — can age well, according to the company’s website.
“I don’t want to escape aging,” Pitt told Vogue in an interview published Wednesday. “It’s a concept we can’t escape, and I’d like to see our cultures embrace it a little more, talk in those terms.”

He added that while the anti-aging idea is a “funny” and “lovely” one, “the real thing is treating your skin in a healthy way.”

Cream and serum from Le Domaine. Credit: Le Domain Skincare

The products, which range from $80 to $385, contain two exclusive patented active ingredients GSM10 and ProGR3, the website adds.

GSM10 is made with a combination of grenache seeds, syrah seeds, and skin microbiome-beneficial oils, according to the beauty line. It has antioxidant properties, works against collagen destruction and can help balance the skin, adds Le Domaine.

ProGR3 is made from a combination of natural molecules found in plant extracts, grape extracts, chamomile and green tea, the website says, adding that it targets visible signs of skin aging.

“I mean, I’m the type of person who will change hotel rooms if I smell the cologne of the last person who stayed there. It’s too much. It’s too strong. Keep it subtle,” Pitt added. “Let people come to you. Don’t force it on others. That’s my feeling.”

A focus on gender-neutral skin care range "green beauty"

The gender-neutral skincare range focuses on ‘green beauty’. Credit: Le Domain Skincare

The idea for the skin care range was born in the Château Miraval winery. The vineyard estate is at the center of a legal battle between Pitt and ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

According to the website, the skin care line with a focus on “green beauty” features renewable products, recycled packaging material and formulas that are 96% to 99% naturally derived. The site is vegan friendly and excludes “environmentally controversial ingredients”.

“Landing here — at Château Miraval — opened up a lot of ideas that I wouldn’t normally have considered. And a big part of that is sustainability, that idea of ​​zero waste is something that’s very important and important in this area to me,” Pitt told Vogue. .

It has been busy days for Pitt, who also made his debut as a sculptor in a group exhibition in Finland. The Oscar winner, who arrived at the premiere of the film “Bullet Train” earlier this year in a brown linen skirt that skimmed the knees, has nine works on display at the Sara Hildén Art Museum in Tampere.

Other celebrities broke into beauty

Pitt is just the latest A-lister to break into the beauty industry.

Last November, Harry Styles launched a vegan and cruelty-free beauty range, including nail polishes, a lip and eye serum dual roller and a face serum.
Former baseball pro Alex Rodriguez launched a “Blur Stick” concealer in 2021 in eight different shades “as a skin care solution developed specifically for men.” This was part of a campaign for men’s wellness brand Hims.
Meanwhile, “Queer Eye” star Karamo Brown is launching a skincare range for balding and balding men in 2020 to “empower men going bald” and “leave behind outdated ideas of masculinity,” he said.
And Rihanna launched a gender-inclusive skincare range in 2020, “Fenty Skin,” three years after launching her “Fenty Beauty” cosmetics line, which featured foundations in 40 different shades.