NBC opens Olympics with “worst hand imaginable”

Last year, NBC Sports executives called the Tokyo Olympics their most challenging feat ever. Now that experience is starting to feel like a walk in the park. For this month’s Beijing Winter Games, NBC faces an even more complicated mix of challenges, threatening to belittle one of the network’s signature products and one of the … Read more

BNY Mellon attracts office workers, but adds flexibility

With coronavirus cases declining in New York, some Wall Street firms are recycling their favorite HR message: get back to the office, for real this time. BNY Mellon, a global bank with nearly 50,000 employees, including 5,400 in New York, told all of its staff on Thursday in a statement that their return to the … Read more

San Francisco Art Institute to Merge With University of San Francisco

Leaders of the financially troubled San Francisco Art Institute say they have formalized plans to integrate operations and academic programs with the University of San Francisco, a private Jesuit university, in a process they say will eventually lead to the university acquiring the 150-year-old art school. In a news release, the art school said Wednesday … Read more

Rotterdam to Dismantle Bridge for Jeff Bezos’s Superyacht

Part of a historic bridge in the Netherlands will be dismantled so that a superyacht built for Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, can pass through the river that flows through Rotterdam, the city said on Thursday. Netty Kros, a spokeswoman for the city of Rotterdam, said that the middle part of the 95-year-old Koningshaven Bridge would … Read more

UK Energy Bills Set to Rise 54% by April

The price many British households pay for their heat and electricity is set to rise by 54 percent in April, the government’s energy regulator, Ofgem, said Thursday. The big jump, caused mainly by a surge of global natural gas prices, is expected to exacerbate concerns over inflation and the cost of living in Britain. The … Read more

Netflix Reveals Its Movie Lineup for 2022

At a time when the future of theatergoing remains very much in question, Netflix revealed a film lineup for 2022 that is again chock-full of A-list stars and directors, giving viewers plenty of reasons to watch movies at home. Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Lopez and Charlize Theron will be in movies released weekly on … Read more

TurboTax and Coinbase Allow Users to Convert Tax Refunds to Crypto

Coinbase is trying to establish itself as a mainstream gateway to the world of cryptocurrency, a place to routinely deposit paychecks, expense reimbursements and tax refunds. On Thursday, the company started a direct deposit program with the software company TurboTax to send state and federal tax refunds to Coinbase accounts, with the option to automatically … Read more