Marin Hinkle from ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ melts chocolate

“It’s very fluid”, the actress Marin Hinkle said, eyes closed in apparent happiness. It was a busy Monday afternoon and Ms Hinkle, 55, had taken over the kitchen of a friend’s immaculate Upper West Side apartment to learn how to make chocolate truffles. (His own nearby kitchen needed repairs.) Her teacher was another friend: Ruth … Read more

‘Life & Beth’ review: More inside Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer hasn’t been absent from television in the six years since the end of her on and off brilliant sketch show, “Inside Amy Schumer.” She had a few specials on Netflix and made a detour to reality TV (“Amy Schumer learns to cook”, “Waiting for Amy”). Next week she will host the Oscars. Still, … Read more

‘Raised by Wolves’ is TV’s craziest hallucination

If you haven’t seen “Raised by Wolves” yet, you probably won’t understand it when you start watching it. Do not worry; that is why I wrote this article to you. But you also won’t understand “Raised by Wolves” after reading this article. You won’t understand it by the end of the first season, nor the … Read more

With “Welcome to Flatch”, Paul Feig comes home

There are stories I can’t tell in movies because they’re too small. But with television, saying “Oh my God, I can really go into detail” – that’s why I fell in love with “This Country”, which then became “Flatch”. I was like, I want to be personally involved in this. I want to direct them. … Read more

‘Harry Potter’ Rupert Grint Gets His Own Glasses

Rupert Grint covered his left eye with his hand and attempted to read the opening lines. “E, D, F, C, E, F,” he said slowly. “Close!” said Marilyn Blumengold, sales clerk at Moscot, the Lower East Side eyewear store. It was a recent snowy afternoon. Mr. Grint, who is currently filming the fourth season of … Read more

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Recap: Q Is The Worst Friend Ever

Season 2, Episode 2: “Penance” “Show them a world they made and they’ll ask you what you did,” John de Lancie’s Q asks Jean-Luc Picard at the head of this season’s second episode of “Picard.” Such has been the modus operandi of our favorite omnipotent being who has long played with Picard as his guinea … Read more

On ‘SNL’, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham make amends

A comedy skit that ended with former President Trump performing a fairly heartfelt rendition of “My Funny Valentine” wasn’t the most baroque moment on this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live,” which was hosted by Oscar Isaac. (That particular honor would go to a routine on the meatball chant, which we’ll get to shortly.) But for starters, … Read more