“That’s right”, the show is over

The interview includes minor spoilers for the season finale of “And Just Like That. …” Carrie heard the call. Miranda followed her heart. And Charlotte finally became a woman. Mazel tov! “That’s right …” released the final episode of its first season on HBO Max on Thursday. This new series brought three of the characters … Read more

5 things to do this weekend

“Oh, that Mitzi!” a doctor (Maurice Chevalier) hums in Ernst Lubitsch’s 1932 musical, “One Hour With You”, referring to his wife’s seductive friend (Genevieve Tobin). The film will screen on Friday and February 15 as part of the Museum of Modern Art’s Dames, Janes, Dolls and Canaries series, which runs until February 19. The event … Read more

Sara Ramirez Is Not Che Diaz

During a much-discussed “comedy concert” in “And Just Like That…,” HBO’s “Sex and the City” sequel series, the much-discussed character Che Diaz recounts the story of coming out to family members. “I stood up in the living room and I was like, ‘Family, I love you, and just want you to know that I am … Read more

Watch These 11 Titles Before They Leave Netflix This Month

Stream it here. ‘Dances With Wolves’ (Feb. 28) The popularity of “Yellowstone” has renewed interest in this 1990 Academy Award winner by Kevin Costner for best picture and best director, which similarly explored the complicated relationship between Indigenous Americans and white “settlers,” albeit through a more explicitly historical lens. Costner also stars, as John J. … Read more

‘Pam & Tommy’: A Story of Sex, Crimes and Videotape

But how to tell such a story, with its obvious sex appeal, in a way that is entertaining but doesn’t add to the exploitation? (Anderson and Lee were not involved in the production.) It was a tricky proposition, especially since the truth is so fanciful that it might enhance the myth. Based closely on an … Read more

“Pam & Tommy” Review: The Internet is for porn

Episode 4 of Hulu’s “Pam & Tommy” begins when the pamsextape.com website is loaded onto a mid-1990s IBM desktop computer: the flamboyant font screaming “PAMELA’S HARDCORE SEX VIDEO”, teasing photos of Pamela Anderson and her husband Tommy Lee uploading one strip of pixels at a time. After seeing the scene, I typed the URL into … Read more

After moving online, BBC Three is back on the air

LONDON – When the BBC took its youth-focused television channel off the air and moved it online in 2016, the broadcaster was going where its viewers seemed to be. Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon had transformed the way people in both the UK and the US watched TV, and BBC Three’s target audience, ages … Read more

Former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst dies at 30

Ms. Kryst began her pageant career as a teenager and won the Miss Northwestern pageant while in high school. In 2019, she was crowned Miss North Carolina and went on to win Miss USA, becoming the oldest contestant to ever win at the age of 28. She later represented the United States in the Miss … Read more