How One Ski Town Rallied in a Warming World

When the Mount Ascutney ski resort closed in 2010 because of scant snow and mismanagement, it threatened to take with it the nearby community of West Windsor, Vt., Population 1,099. “Property values ​​plummeted,” recalled Glenn Seward, who worked at the resort for 18 years, once as the director of mountain operations. The town’s general store, … Read more

The Biden administration will restore the weakened mercury pollution rules under Trump

“Solid science makes it clear that we need to limit mercury and toxins in the air to protect vulnerable children and communities from dangerous pollution,” said EPA administrator Michael Regan. “The EPA is committed to aggressively reducing pollution from the energy sector so that all people, regardless of postcode or the amount of money in … Read more

As Waste Rises in Senegal, So Does Plastic Recycling

DAKAR, Senegal – A crowd of people holding curved metal spikes jumped on trash spilling out of a dump truck in Senegal’s biggest landfill, hacking at the garbage to find valuable plastic. Nearby, sleeves rolled up, suds up to their elbows, women washed plastic jerrycans in rainbow colors, cut into pieces. Around them, piles of … Read more

Judges Increasingly Demand Climate Analysis in Drilling Decisions

WASHINGTON – A judge’s decision this week to invalidate the largest offshore oil and gas lease sale in the nation’s history, on grounds that the government had failed to take climate change into consideration, shows that regulatory decisions that disregard global warming are increasingly vulnerable to legal challenges , analysts said Friday. Judge Rudolph Contreras … Read more

Two simple tricks that help owls stay in their new homes

As for wild animals, the western burrowing owl is a tolerant neighbor to humans. As new houses and roads are built next to the tunnels they call home, these owls endure the noise and continue to hunt for the insects and rodents they feed on. But owls are increasingly on a collision course with humanity. … Read more

Bill Nye Says the Way We Talk About Climate Change Matters

“The words are always watered down,” he said, pointing to discussions at COP26, a United Nations climate conference. Shifting the language of climate change can be harmful, he said. For example, using the phrase “phasing down coal” instead of “phasing out coal” dilutes the meaning and intensity of the conversation about coal’s effect on the … Read more