Hong Kong’s Covid crackdown empties shops and triggers exodus

HONG KONG — As the Hong Kong government scrambles to contain the city’s worst Covid outbreak, some residents have panicked. They emptied the supermarket shelves of vegetables and meat. They raided pharmacies to buy pain and fever medication. Those who could afford it hopped on flights out of town. Tens of thousands of new cases … Read more

India’s art history in one source

The history of art in India, which dates back 10,000 years to the rock drawings of Bhimbetka, has long been told through a Western lens or written by Indian scholars in a dense, academic style that seemed inaccessible to many. . But that will soon change, when MAP Academy’s Encyclopedia of Indian Art goes live … Read more

Who is Yoon Suk-yeol? – The New York Times

As star prosecutor Yoon Suk-yeol, the leading conservative candidate, helped jail two former presidents as well as the head of Samsung and a former chief justice of the country’s Supreme Court on corruption charges. Now Mr Yoon hopes to become president himself by addressing South Koreans who are deeply dissatisfied with incumbent President Moon Jae-in. … Read more

How feminism became a hot topic in South Korea’s presidential election

Waving signs and wearing white scarves reading “Vote for Women”, they accused presidential candidate Yoon Suk Yeol of trying to appeal to anti-feminists for support ahead of the election. “You don’t deserve to be a presidential candidate, Yoon,” chanted the mostly female crowd. “Go away.” The protest highlighted just how heated South Korea’s gender war … Read more

South Korea to elect new leader to tackle soaring property prices, inequality

Whoever wins the election will face growing challenges, including widening inequality and soaring house prices that have put a strain on Asia’s fourth-largest economy. A total of 14 candidates initially registered, but it turned into a tight two-way race between Lee Jae-myung, the standard bearer of the ruling Democratic Party, and Yoon Suk-yeol, of the … Read more

Your Wednesday briefing: Biden bans Russian oil

We cover the US embargo on Russian oil and the hotly contested presidential election in South Korea. US bans imports of Russian oil President Biden has announced a ban on imports of Russian oil and natural gas into the United States, an escalation in economic sanctions that could have consequences in the country and around … Read more

Taiwan watches China as China and the world watch Ukraine

Seoul, South Korea CNN — China is closely monitoring events in Ukraine to assess its own strategy towards Taiwan, the island’s foreign minister has warned. “As we watch the development of events in Ukraine … we are also watching very carefully what China might do in Taiwan,” Joseph Wu said at a press conference on … Read more

Meet South Korea’s swing voters: young, broke and angry

SEOUL — When he was a freshman in 2019, Jeong Hyun-min sometimes had less than $10 to cover meals for three days. That same year, a scandal broke out in South Korea that still torments him today. As Mr Jeong cleaned tables and served drinks at beer halls just to make ends meet, the country’s … Read more