Freezing temperatures add to Kiev’s problems as Russian troops approach Ukrainian capital

Thousands of residents are sheltering in unheated basements, underground car parks and subway stations and a sudden cold spell has blanketed the city in snow, making the situation even more difficult. Viktoriya and his family say leaving their Kiev home to spend the night in an air raid shelter may have saved their lives. When … Read more

At the gates of NATO, a former tourist hotspot in Ukraine digs to resist “Russian infiltrators”

The scene is repeated in almost every street – office workers and workers, young and old, determined to take up arms. Almost everyone here says they’d rather die than see Russian ground forces enter their town. “I have no fear. We’ve had a war for eight years. It’s a fight for our freedom,” said Taras … Read more

Kiev faces potential attack as massive Russian column closes in on Ukrainian capital

The 40-mile (64 kilometer) Russian military convoy of armored vehicles, tanks, towed artillery and other logistical vehicles has reached the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital, according to satellite images from Maxar Technologies. Maxar said he saw plumes of smoke rising from a number of houses and buildings near the roads where the convoy is moving, … Read more

Border crisis: Foreign students fleeing Russian invasion say they face racism

An African medical student told CNN she and other foreigners were ordered to get off the public transport bus at a checkpoint between Ukraine and the Polish border. They were told to stand aside as the bus drove off with only Ukrainian nationals on board, she said. Rachel Onyegbule, a Nigerian first-year medical student in … Read more

Biden administration faces pressure to let Ukrainians stay in US

The Biden administration is facing growing pressure from lawmakers and advocates to allow thousands of Ukrainians temporarily working or studying in the United States to stay, rather than forcing them back to their torture-torn country. the war. Senator Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, called on the administration to offer Temporary Protected Status to Ukrainians … Read more

US expels 12 Russian diplomats for spying

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the center of United Nations attention, the United States said on Monday it would expel 12 Russian diplomats from the UN mission in Moscow, saying it s were actually intelligence agents who had spied on the United States. “We are beginning the process of deporting 12 intelligence agents from … Read more

Some members of the Russian parliament speak out against the war

Three Russian parliament members of the endorsement criticized their country’s war in Ukraine, a rare episode of dissent within the Russian establishment. All three members belong to the Russian Communist Party, which is nominally part of the opposition to the ruling United Russia party, but generally remains loyal to President Vladimir V. Putin on key … Read more

In Miami, a Ukrainian Art Exhibit Becomes Unwittingly Timely

Wife and husband gallerists Julia and Max Voloshyn had planned to return to Kyiv last week to open a new exhibition in their space. But with commercial air traffic halted as Russian troops invaded Ukraine, their stay in Miami – and the duration of their fleeting exhibition there – was extended. The show, titled “The … Read more

Invasion Leads to Global Repudiation of Russia with Cold War Echoes

LONDON — In Switzerland, the Lucerne music festival has canceled two symphony concerts featuring a Russian maestro. In Australia, the national swimming team said it would boycott a world championship meet in Russia. At the Magic Mountain ski area in Vermont, a bartender poured bottles of Stolichnaya vodka down the drain. From culture to commerce, … Read more