War in Ukraine: Russia steps up war efforts as delegates prepare for Belarusian border talks

A couple kiss at a train station in Kramatorsk, Ukraine, on Sunday February 27. The woman was about to board a westbound train. People wait on a platform inside the train station in Lviv, Ukraine, on February 27. Thousands of people at Lviv’s main railway station tried to board trains that would take them out … Read more

Zelensky says Ukraine has agreed to talks with Russia

KYIV, Ukraine — As Russian forces descended on the Ukrainian capital and officials put the death toll at more than 350 civilians since the invasion began, the two countries agreed on Sunday to sit down for talks “without preconditions”, but hopes were low for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Even as Ukrainian President Volodymyr … Read more

Is the Ukraine-Russia meeting a way forward or a political parade?

Is this a diplomatic breakthrough or a political parade as Russia continues its offensive in Ukraine? Let’s be clear: the meeting is not a summit between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Instead, it is a meeting between delegations from both sides. Zelensky’s office said Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko called the Ukrainian … Read more

Ukrainian citizens are preparing to fight the Russian army

DNIPRO, Ukraine — Outside the large military hospital in the central Ukrainian town of Dnipro, people lined up on Sunday to donate warm clothes and water, as a priest moved among the crowd offering sips of holy wine from a silver chalice. He allowed those waiting to kiss the large silver cross he wore on … Read more

Ukrainians in Britain join the cause at home

A Ukrainian delivery man from the English town of Basildon watched the early days of the Russian invasion of his country on TV before deciding he had seen enough. On Friday, delivery man Oleksandr Bilyy packed up his car, said goodbye to his wife and headed back to his homeland, hoping to join the fight. … Read more

The European Union will ask states to grant asylum to Ukrainian refugees for up to 3 years.

More than 300,000 Ukrainians have fled to the European Union since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began on Thursday, and the bloc is preparing for the arrival of up to four million more Ukrainian refugees, officials said on Sunday. EU officials. The European Commission, the bloc’s executive arm, will ask member countries next week to grant … Read more

BP will “exit” its stake in the Russian oil giant Rosneft

British oil giant BP said on Sunday it would “exit” its nearly 20% stake in Rosneft, Russia’s state-controlled oil company. BP also said its chief executive, Bernard Looney, and his predecessor, Bob Dudley, would step down from their seats on Rosneft’s board. BP, which is based in London, has worked in Russia for more than … Read more