Chelsea 3-0 AC Milan: An emphatic and deserved win for the Blues against the Serie A giants

The win was Graham Potter’s first as new Chelsea boss in the competition

Chelsea’s Champions League campaign got underway with a thoroughly deserved victory over AC Milan at Stamford Bridge.

New coach Graham Potter knew victory was essential after a poor start to the group stage, before Dinamo Zagreb ended Thomas Tuchel’s away reign and drew at home to Red Bull Salzburg.

And Chelsea delivered in style, with England right-back Reece James the star man as they eventually overcame Milan.

Wesley Fofana scored his first goal for the club after 24 minutes when Milan failed to clear a corner, although the £70m defender’s night was soon ended by injury.

The Italians almost equalized at half-time when Rade Krunic scored.

It was a rare moment of crunch and the second half belonged to Chelsea, and James in particular proved why the right-back is in command at club level and under England manager Gareth Southgate.

James was the provider on 56 minutes for a simple cross from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and five minutes later he finished with a powerful goal, beating Milan goalkeeper Ciprian Tatarusanu above his post.

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Rate all 10 players during or after the entire match. The evaluator will close 30 minutes after the final whistle.

Rating range key1 = Give it to me10 = Pure perfection


  1. Group number1Player nameArrizabalaga

  2. Group number33Player nameBreathing

  3. Group number6Player nameThiago Silva

  4. Group number26Player nameKoulibaly

  5. Group number24Player nameJames

  6. Group number12Player nameLoftus-Cheek

  7. Group number8Player nameKovacic

  8. Group number21Player nameChilwell

  9. Group number17Player namesterling

  10. Group number19Player namethe mountain

  11. Group number9Player nameAubameyang

  1. Group number5Player namejorginho

  2. Group number14Player nameChalobah

  3. Group number18Player nameNumbers

  4. Group number23Player nameGallagher

  5. Group number29Player nameHavertz

AC Milan

  1. Group number1Player nameTatarusanu

  2. Group number21Player nameDest

  3. Group number20Player nameRabbit

  4. Group number23Player nameto Tom

  5. Group number5Player nameBallo-Toure

  6. Group number4Player nameBennacer

  7. Group number8Player nameTonally

  8. Group number33Player nameKrunic

  9. Group number90Player nameLet’s go

  10. Group number17Player nameRafael Leão

  11. Group number9Player nameGiroud

  1. Group number10Player nameDiaz

  2. Group number12Player nameRebic

  3. Group number27Player nameorig

  4. Group number32Player nameHe runs away

  5. Group number46Player namethe cage

The eleven


training 3-4-2-1

  • 1Arrizabalaga
  • 33Breathingreplaced byChalobahin 38′minutes
  • 6Thiago SilvaBooked in 71 minutes
  • 26Koulibaly
  • 24James
  • 12Loftus-Cheek
  • 8KovacicBooked in 39 minutesreplaced byjorginhoin 66′minutes
  • 21Chilwell
  • 17sterlingreplaced byNumbersin 75′minutes
  • 19the mountainreplaced byHavertzin 74′minutes
  • 9Aubameyangreplaced byGallagherin 65′minutes


  • 5jorginho
  • 10Pulisic
  • 13Bettinelli
  • 14Chalobah
  • 16Mendy
  • 18Numbers
  • 20Zakaria
  • 22Ziyech
  • 23Gallagher
  • 28Subtlety
  • 29Havertz
  • 32cucurella

AC Milan

training 4-2-3-1

  • 1Tatarusanu
  • 21Dest
  • 20Rabbit
  • 23to TomBooked in 42 minutes
  • 5Ballo-ToureBooked in 14 minutes
  • 4Bennacerreplaced byHe runs awayin 73′minutes
  • 8Tonally
  • 33KrunicBooked in 7 minutesreplaced bythe cagein 65′minutes
  • 90Let’s goreplaced byRebicin 65′minutes
  • 17is Conceição Leãoreplaced byDiazin 72′minutes
  • 9Giroudreplaced byorigin 73′minutes


  • 10Diaz
  • 12Rebic
  • 27orig
  • 32He runs away
  • 46the cage
  • 83point of view
  • 88Gala
  • 93Coubis
  • 96Jungdal

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