Chess master Hans Niemann filed a defamation lawsuit seeking $100 million in damages


The cheating scandal that has rocked the world of chess has taken its latest twist, as American grandmaster Hans Niemann filed a defamation lawsuit against world champion Magnus Carlsen, among others, in a Missouri court on Thursday.

In the lawsuit, Niemann and his lawyers say they are seeking at least $100 million in damages.

“My case speaks for itself,” Niemann he tweeted along with a copy of the lawsuit.

In a federal lawsuit filed in the District Court for Eastern Missouri, 19-year-old Niemann claims that Norwegian Carlsen, the online platform, chess chief Daniel Rensch and popular player Hikaru Nakamura are “grossly insulting and unlawfully colluding.” to be blacklisted from the profession he has dedicated his life to.”

Defendants Niemann are accused of libel and slander, among other charges.

Niemann also stated that the actions of the defendants caused “tremendous damage”, and Carlsen on September 4 in St. Since Carlsen’s initial cheating allegations after the pair met at the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis, Niemann has had invitations to prestigious tournaments and matches. canceled responded to the lawsuit in a statement from attorneys Nina Mohebbi and Jamie Wine. The statement says is “saddened” by Niemann’s decision because the lawsuit “harms the game of chess and its dedicated players.”

“Hans publicly admitted that he cheated online after the Sinquefield Cup, and he took the consequences himself,” the statement added. “As noted in the October 2022 report, has historically dealt with Hansen’s pre-fraud in private, forcing it to clarify its position only after speaking publicly.”

“Hans’ allegations are without merit, and hopes to set the record straight on behalf of its team and all honest chess players,” the statement read.

CNN has reached out to Carlsen and Nakamura for comment.