Covid booster: who could get another jab this fall?

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The autumn Covid booster campaign is underway in England and Scotland, with care home residents and staff among the first to be hit.

Many people will receive a new type of vaccine that fights both the original Covid virus and the latest Omicron variant.

Who will receive a fall booster?

They will be offered another dose of the Covid vaccine:

  • Adults over 50 years old
  • People ages 5 to 49 with health conditions that put them at greater risk, including pregnant women
  • care home staff
  • primary health and social care workers
  • Caregivers aged 16 to 49
  • Household contacts of people with a weakened immune system

Anyone 16 or older – or at-risk children aged 12 to 15 – who have had the first two jabs can also have the first booster.

When can I get my booster?

More people were eligible to book when the next phase of the program began on September 12, with priority given to the elderly and vulnerable.

from Scotland the autumn promotion campaign also started on 5 September, firstly for residents of care homes, and then for health and social workers.

Which vaccine will people get?

However, health officials say people should take the vaccine they are offered, as all vaccines protect against serious illness or death from Covid.

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As was the case last year, many people will be offered free flu shots along with the Covid promotion

Previous boosters were a single dose of either Pfizer or Moderna, regardless of previous vaccine.

Anyone who could not have Pfizer or Moderna for medical reasons was offered a booster dose of AstraZeneca.

The first and second vaccine doses are AstraZeneca or (for under 40s) Pfizer or Moderna.

Which children are susceptible?

  • Everyone between the ages of 12 and 15 is offered two doses of Pfizer
  • All 16- and 17-year-olds can have a booster three months after the second jab
  • 12 to 15-year-olds in a risk group or those living with someone with a weakened immune system may need a booster.

How do I book my Covid vaccine?

You can also go to a basic clinic, although not all centers offer vaccinations for under-12s, and some have closed since the initial vaccination push.

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Autumn Covid booster jabs are now available to book

You should leave eight weeks between the first and second dose and wait at least 12 weeks before taking a booster.

  • In England: You can book online, call 119 or visit a walk-in clinic
  • In Scotland: Over 16s can sign up for the first dose or book a second or booster dose online, or by calling 0800 030 8013.
  • In wales: Those over 16 will be invited to booster. If you have not been invited, or if you have not taken the first two doses, you can contact your health board.
  • In Northern Ireland: Appointments for over five years old can be made online or by calling 0300 200 7813.

Carers of children aged five to 11 in Scotland and Wales will have to wait to make an appointment.

How many people have been vaccinated?

79% of all over 75s had a spring booster.

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Many pregnant women complained that they were not given enough information about the effects of Covid

How long after covid can i get a jab?

Those under the age of 18 who are not at higher risk of Covid will have to wait 12 weeks.

You should not be alarmed if you have a serious illness or a high fever. However, both Pfizer and Moderna say you shouldn’t be put off by a mild fever or a cold.

Vaccines do not infect you with Covid and cannot cause a positive result in a Covid test.

What are the side effects?

They are part of the body’s normal immune response to vaccines and usually resolve within a day or two.

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Why is it normal for some people to experience short-term side effects from Covid-19 vaccines?

You should discuss an existing severe allergy with your healthcare professional before getting the vaccine.