Election Day deals: Donuts, pizza and cheap travel

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It’s Election Day in America, and some companies are offering deals and freebies to celebrate the occasion, while others are giving employees time off to vote.

Election Day is not a national holiday, although it is a public holiday in some states, so some government offices may be closed. Fewer than half of US states require employers to give workers paid time off to vote, according to the Movement Advancement Project, an independent think tank.

Here’s what you can expect from Corporate America on Election Day, including what you can get for free or at a discount on Tuesday.

Krispy Kreme gives away free donuts on Tuesday.

“A healthy and vibrant democracy depends on engaged citizens who vote,” David Skena, Krispy Kreme’s global chief brand officer, said in a statement. “We’re excited to celebrate voters and our democracy by giving everyone a free Original Donut on Election Day.”

Krispy Kreme has made a habit of serving up their signature glass donuts. Last year, the company offered free donuts to people who received the Covid-19 vaccine. In June 2021, he gave away 1.5 million donuts.

Pizza to the Polls is a group that, yes, puts pizzas to the vote.

The organization started in 2016 after seeing reports of long lines at early voting sites. “We used to send pizzas to feed the crowd,” according to the band’s website. “The feedback was immediate and overwhelming: it strengthened hungry voters in line, cheered up poll workers and gave people a way to support their communities.”

Six years later, the group is still going strong. And this year, it is sending food trucks to the polls in Philadelphia On election day

“With so many people becoming more politically engaged and looking to vote this year, it’s critical to have support that makes the ecosystem of civic engagement work,” said Amirah Noaman, executive director of Pizza to the Polls. “Feeding people and giving them water keeps people in line to vote and helps elections run smoothly, as well as helping to bring more joy and celebration to this Election Day.”

Lyft is offering discounts on Election Day. Customers can use the code VOTE22 to get 50% off, or up to $10 off, when they use a Lyft ride, bike or scooter on Tuesday. Offer valid while surveys are open.

“We believe that everyone’s voice – and vote – deserves to be heard, and transportation should never be a barrier,” the company said in a statement.

All voters have the opportunity to acquire the coveted “I Voted” sticker, a badge of civic pride that gives them bragging rights all day long.

Across the country, some companies are giving employees the flexibility to go vote on Election Day. More than 2,000 companies participate in Time to Vote, a nonpartisan group whose corporate members provide voting information, give employees paid time off to vote, or ban meetings on Election Day.

One Time to Vote member, outdoor specialty retailer REI, will open stores two hours later than usual to give employees paid time off to vote.

“No one should be forced to choose between going to work and participating in the democratic process,” Ben Steele, REI Co-op’s chief customer officer, said in a statement.

But not all participating companies are changing store hours or closing their doors. To incorporate Time to Vote, “your CEO or company management must be committed to ensuring that your employees have the time they need to vote,” according to the group. “There is no ‘one-size-fits-all approach’.”