Generation Z candidate Karoline Leavitt will win the GOP primary in New Hampshire’s 1st District, CNN projects

Leavitt’s victory is the result of a trend of Gen Z congressional candidates turning 25, the minimum age required to be sworn into the House.

Maxwell Frost, a community organizer, won the Democratic nomination for Florida’s 10th Congressional District last month at the age of 25. Because the area is heavily Democratic, he is likely to be elected to Congress in November.

Leavitt, also 25, faces a more competitive race against Rep. Chris Pappas, one of the weakest House Democrats in the country. But the Republican has gained strength with his age.

“In Washington DC, we have people who have held power twice as long as I’ve been alive,” he told CNN earlier this year. “My youth is a strength and that is already showing in the campaign.”

And on Tuesday, as he claimed victory, he pointed to his age as something that set him apart from the crowded GOP field.

“Tonight, we made history. And when we win Chris Pappas I hope to be the youngest congressman in the history of the United States,” he said. “As many of you know, my youth is one of the many reasons I felt compelled to run for Congress in the first place. Because it is my generation of Americans — your children, your grandchildren — who are not well served by our education system, our media, and our entire culture. current situation”.

Leavitt is more political than his Republican competitors. After graduating from Saint Anselm College in 2019, Trump went to work at the White House. Eventually, Kayleigh McEnany became an assistant to the White House press secretary. After Trump lost, Elise Stefanik went to work for the New York representative, and when she was elected in 2014 at the age of 30, she became the youngest woman elected to Congress.

Leavitt’s victory came in the face of millions of dollars in spending that halted his surge and helped re-nominate Matt Mowers, a Republican who did not win the seat in 2020. After polls showed him tied to Leavitt Mowers, millions flooded the state from outside groups like the Congressional Leadership Fund and Defending Main Street, including in attack ads calling him “woke,” “immature” and “irresponsible.”

Those Republican groups believed that Mowers, and not Leavitt, would be best suited to challenge Pappas. A victory for Mowers would have set up a rematch of the 2020 race, which Mowers lost by 5 percentage points.

Leavitt’s victory is a testament to the effectiveness of imitating Trump’s style and political aggression in the GOP primaries. Both Republicans worked for Trump — Leavitt in the White House and Mowers on the campaign trail and at the State Department — but while Mowers tried to draw a fine line in his embrace of Trump, Leavitt was bolder.

Mowers’ caution opened the door for Leavitt, making it a race as much about style as substance. Both Mowers and Leavitt focused their campaigns on the same policies that helped elect the former president, but the one-time winner has not been shy about his support for the former president, especially the lie that the 2020 election was stolen from him.

When Mowers was asked earlier this month if he was confident in the election, the candidate said, “I’m confident in the election in New Hampshire,” but added that there was room for “improvement.”

Leavitt unloaded on Mowers’ response, saying he “definitely stole the 2020 election from President Trump,” and accused Mowers of siding with Biden because the Democratic president “legitimately won more votes than Donald Trump.”

Leavitt told CNN earlier this year that his candidacy and potential victory would show the impact he can have on young voters.

“The Republican Party,” he said, “needs to support, recruit and promote young candidates because we’re losing young voters.”