George Clooney chose to play his latest light-hearted comedy because ‘there’s a lot of dark stuff going on in the world’


George Clooney needed a rom-com as badly as the rest of us.

The “Ticket to Paradise” star appeared on CNN’s “Who’s Talking To Chris Wallace?” this week, where he explained why he chose to return to the romantic comedy with his friend and co-star Julia Roberts.

“I sent the script and you know, we’ve had a lot of dark things in the world. And I always feel like movies try to reflect that, a lot of the time. They usually go late because it takes a couple of years to make a movie,” Clooney said. “We all felt we needed a break. I needed a break. I needed to be a little carefree.’

“You know, if you look back in the Depression, for example, romantic comedies really flourished,” he added.

In “Ticket to Paradise,” Clooney and Roberts play a divorced couple who travel to Bali to try to stop their daughter’s wedding. Humor and heart follow, in an uplifting escape from the film.

“I think people needed a break,” Clooney said. “I certainly know Julia and I, when we have [both] read, we thought I should take a breather here. And that was perfect for us.”

Regarding the state of the world and US democracy in particular, Clooney weighed in with his concerns.

“I’m worried. I am concerned about the fatness of America. I worry about how we celebrate kindness now,” he told Wallace. “Everybody jumps up and down and cheers when somebody owns, you know, owns books, or you know, yells at a conservative, that worries me. There has always been a kind of quickness between everyone, but it’s on a level. Things worry me, I’ll tell you.”

He also expressed his disbelief in trying to send some kind of political message to send immigrants and asylum seekers to other places.

“Let’s send them without any warning, you know, because it’s fun to own liberals. We’re going to send them to Martha’s Vineyard, you know, where Obama’s people are [are] and we will send them to the Vice President’s house without warning, health, no, nothing. So I look at where we are in this kind of angst in our discourse, and I find it troubling,” he said.

However, he acknowledges the good fortune in his life, saying that his wife Amal Clooney “came in and changed everything”.

“Every day I feel very lucky, I have my wife, someone who is my best friend and who I am deeply in love with,” he said. “It’s probably because it happened to me later in life. I don’t take that for granted, at any time of any day. And I think we’re both really committed to making sure we understand how lucky we are.”

“Who’s talking to Chris Wallace?” airs Friday on HBO Max and Sunday night on CNN.