George Floyd’s family is considering a lawsuit against Kanye West after the fentanyl claim


Kanye West’s latest controversial remarks could lead to a legal battle.

The artist and activist, who has changed his name to Ye, spoke on a recent episode of the “Drink Champs” podcast, where he talked about the death of George Floyd and many other topics.

“I saw the George Floyd documentary that Candace Owens released. “One of the things his two roommates said was that they wanted a tall guy like me, and the day he died, he said a prayer for eight minutes,” West said. .

Former Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck, according to Chauvin’s testimony at the coroner’s office that performed Floyd’s autopsy, and his initial finding was that his death was the result of “pulmonary arrest” that occurred during a “law enforcement dependent, restrained” period. , and neck compression”.

Hennepin County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew Baker said in his testimony that Floyd’s heart disease and fentanyl use were contributing factors to his death, but not the direct cause.

Civil rights attorney Lee Merritt, who has represented the Floyd family, tweeted Sunday that legal action against West is being considered.

“Although the dead cannot be defamed, the family of #GeorgeFloyd is considering a lawsuit over false statements made about the manner of Kanye’s death.” Merritt tweeted. “The claim that Floyd died from fentanyl does not undermine and diminish the Floyd family’s fight for criminal and civil brutality.”

CNN has reached out to Merritt and a representative for West for further comment.

West’s comments about Floyd come amid backlash over recent social media posts West criticized as anti-Semitic, and for himself and several models wearing “White Lives Matter” shirts at a recent fashion show.

The video of Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes sparked protests and calls for justice around the world.

Chauvin was convicted in April 2021 of second-degree involuntary manslaughter, third-degree murder and second-degree murder and sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison.