Herschel Walker joins Ted Cruz as GOP stands by its man after new abortion allegations


With Election Day less than two weeks away and Georgia voters casting early ballots in record numbers, Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker will return Thursday to the clouds of a new allegation that he pressured a woman to have an abortion.

But while the new announcement shook up one of the closest and most consequential midterm races, support from Republican leaders for Walker has remained steadfast. The former soccer star, as he did after the first allegations of another woman, denied the new account.

Walker will be joined on the campaign trail this time by Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, who will support the GOP candidate on at least three stops on Walker’s Peach State bus tour. Cruz will arrive in Georgia a little more than two weeks after Republican Sens. Rick Scott of Florida, the party’s Senate campaign chairman, and Tom Cotton of Arkansas, in a show of unity amid controversy over the first lady’s allegations. .

The final bombshell fell at a crucial moment in a race critical to the two parties’ hopes of winning a majority in the Senate, which is now split 50-50. Most polls show Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock, who is running for a six-year term, with a slim lead over Walker in the final stretch of the campaign.

An ex-girlfriend has already accused Walker of encouraging her to have the procedure and then reimbursing him for the cost. He denounced the woman’s claim as “absolutely false”, but first produced a copy of the check the woman said was to pay for the abortion, which she admitted was her signature on the paper, although she did not know what it said. it was a check The same woman also alleged that Walker requested a second abortion a year later, according to The New York Times.

She said she refused and is now the mother of a son who rarely sees his father. CNN has not independently confirmed the first lady’s allegations. He has remained anonymous in public reports.

The latest allegation came Wednesday afternoon against Walker, when a woman who says she had a years-long romantic relationship with the now-candidate candidate said at a press conference that she pressured him to have an abortion in 1993.

The woman, who has been called Jane Doe to protect her identity, attended the press conference with her lawyer, Gloria Allred, and read her statement. His voice was heard, but his face was not shown.

Doe, who said he is a registered independent who voted for former President Donald Trump, told reporters he decided to tell his story now to highlight what he described as Walker’s hypocrisy, and his belief that he is “morally unfit to be a U.S. senator.” “.

“He has publicly taken a stance that he is pro-life and anti-abortion under any circumstances, when he actually pressured me to have an abortion and personally took me to the clinic and made sure it happened at his expense,” Doe said.

Walker, in his debate with Warnock, insisted he supported exceptions to anti-abortion laws, but repeatedly – including in comments this summer and reported by CNN last week – said he supported a total ban.

At a campaign event in Georgia before the press conference, Walker called the new allegation “a lie.”

“I have already told people that this is a lie, and I will not be entertained, continue to carry the lie. And I also want to let you know that I did not kill JFK,” Walker said, adding that Democrats are doing and saying everything they can to win the Senate seat.

Walker said in an additional statement Wednesday evening: “I’m done with this nonsense. This is all a lie, and I will not entertain any of it.”

Doe said at the press conference that “Herschel Walker is a hypocrite, and he is not fit to be a U.S. senator,” adding, “We don’t need people in the U.S. Senate who claim one thing and do another. Herschel Walker says he’s against abortion for women, but he pressured me to do one.’

Doe said their romantic relationship began in 1987 when Walker was playing for the Dallas Cowboys. He said he traveled to see them as they were traded to the Minnesota Vikings and the Philadelphia Eagles. He was married throughout their relationship, she said.

Allred showed some of the personal cards that Walker had sent to Doe signed with the letter “H” to claim that Walker had never signed anything that way.

Allred also recited a message Walker allegedly left on Doe’s answering machine and presented a photo of Walker allegedly lying in Doe’s hotel bed, along with a copy of the hotel receipt. While Allred on Wednesday provided evidence supporting Doe and Walker’s alleged relationship, she did not provide details substantiating the abortion claim.

In April 1993, Doe said she became pregnant with Walker’s child.

“After discussing the pregnancy with Herschel several times, he encouraged me to have an abortion and gave me money to do so. I went to a clinic in Dallas, but I couldn’t go on, I left the clinic in tears,” he said.

But when he lost his temper, the woman said, Walker became angry.

“The next day he took me to the clinic and waited for me in the parking lot for hours until he came out,” she said. “I was shocked because I felt he pressured me to have an abortion.”

Democrats have been careful to address Walker’s abortion controversy. Warnock, in particular, has been careful not to comment directly on the women’s claims, instead referring to Walker’s “trouble with the truth”: “Herschel Walker,” a message echoed by his deputy campaign manager, Rachel Petri, in a statement on Wednesday. he has a problem with the truth, a problem with answering questions and a problem with taking responsibility for his actions.’

“Today’s new report is just the latest example of a disturbing pattern we’ve seen time and time again,” Petri added. “Herschel Walker should not represent Georgians in the US Senate.”

But in a sign of the race’s stakes and growing tensions, Warnock’s campaign has been a little less hesitant to weaponize the accusations. He recently released an ad called “Hypocrite,” in which a narrator says, “For you, Herschel Walker wants to ban abortion,” a news outlet that describes Walker’s and eventually the first lady’s allegations. to accuse of paying for abortion.