Herschel Walker’s strange moves to lower expectations

“I’m this country boy. I’m not that smart. And he’s that preacher. He’s a smart guy, he wears these nice suits,” Walker said of Warnock in a recent news conference filmed by the Savannah Morning News. “So he’s going to show up and embarrass me at the Oct. 14 debate, and I’m looking forward to it. I’m going to show up and do my best.”

Which, good, good.

It’s pretty obvious what Walker is doing — or trying to do — here. He will be looking to lower expectations ahead of the debate in hopes of clearing the very low and coming out of the event with a boost heading into the final weeks of the campaign.

And so Walker is trying to paint himself as a simple man — and a man of the people — in contrast to Warnock. Of course, Warnock should win the debate, logic goes, even if Walker spends time on stage together, that should count as a win.

Walker may also be trying to use that regular-guy vibe to explain past struggles on the campaign trail. So far, he has speculated that America’s “good air” is floating to China, given nonsensical answers about gun control, falsely claimed to be in law enforcement, and publicly admitted to fathering three children with women he was married to.

Things have been hard, to say the least. However, the latest polls show that the race remains quite tight.

(Sidebar: Walker also brought in a more professional team over the summer — including veteran GOP operative Gail Gitcho — and has benefited from a more disciplined message.)

The question going forward is whether Walker’s “I’m not that smart” line is part of a concerted campaign strategy or just another gaffe by a front-runner who has struggled to adjust to the pace and demands of the campaign. the clue

point: Walker has been an unstable candidate — at best — and is still running very close to Warnock. Can this latest gambit lower expectations enough to win the debate, while still looking competent enough?