Judge dismisses Michael Cohen’s retaliation lawsuit against Trump


A federal judge has dismissed Michael Cohen’s retaliation lawsuit against former President Donald Trump and others, alleging that he was sent back to prison because of his outspoken criticism of the former president.

District Judge Lewis Liman was sympathetic to Cohen’s position, but said Supreme Court precedent prohibits him from letting the case go forward.

Cohen alleges in his lawsuit that Trump, former Attorney General William Barr and others put him back in jail while he was under house arrest to promote his upcoming book.

Trump’s former personal attorney was serving the remainder of his sentence for lying to Congress and campaign violations at home over Covid-19 concerns when he began a social media campaign in the summer of 2020. When he reported to the court, to complete his transition. Under house arrest, Cohen defied many conditions and was arrested, spending 16 days in solitary confinement.

Cohen sued, alleging that the Justice Department under Barr retaliated against him because he planned to write a tell-all book about Trump. Another federal judge agreed, and Cohen was released on home release in July 2020.

Since then, Cohen has released his own book, launched a podcast and appears frequently on cable TV to bash the former president from his apartment.

Last November, Cohen was officially released from his three-year prison sentence after serving the final year of his Park Avenue apartment. At the time, he said he received three years of supervised release and plans to continue working with law enforcement to “hold others accountable for their dirty deeds and make sure no one is thought to be above the law.”

The following month, he filed charges against Trump and Barr, among others.