Live updates: Thailand massacre at kindergarten

The death toll from a massacre at a kindergarten in northeastern Thailand has risen to 36 – including 24 children and a pregnant woman, according to a statement from the Royal Thai Police and local authorities on Thursday.

The suspect first attacked the daycare, then hit several people nearby on the way home. After arriving home, he killed his wife and 2-year-old stepson before killing himself, according to Paisan Luesomboon Municipal Police Chief.

CNN does not include the suspect in the death toll.

At least 10 more people were injured, with six “seriously injured,” according to a statement from the Royal Thai Police.

“As for the motivation, the police have not ruled out any possibility, it could be due to personal stress, or it could be a drug hallucination, we have ordered a blood test,” the statement added.

An earlier statement by Thailand’s prime minister called the incident a mass shooting, but police say many of the victims died of “stabbing”.

“After seeing the wounds of the dead, most of the dead are from stab wounds. I told you earlier that he had several guns. It turned out he only had about 1-2 guns,” Luesomboon told CNN.

The children were taking a lunchtime nap when the massacre occurred, according to several police officers who spoke to CNN.

A pregnant kindergarten teacher who was in the room with the children was among the dead, according to another teacher who allegedly witnessed the attack. Khom Chad Luek TV spoke to local media.

Luesomboon confirmed to CNN that a pregnant woman was among the dead.