Liverpool 0-3 Everton: Why victory at Anfield could be the start of Everton’s WSL rebuild

There are good feelings about Everton’s return, and it’s not just because they beat Merseyside rivals Liverpool in the Women’s Super League at Anfield.

Sunday’s 3-0 win It was Everton’s first win against the Reds under new boss Brian Sorensen and, although it is still early in his tenure, the club appear to have made significant progress.

Last season was one to forget: they started with the intention of closing the gap on the top four and finished third from bottom under the third manager of the campaign.

But the derby win was a statement from Everton that they are rebuilding on and off the pitch, and there could be more to Sorensen’s project.

“You have to give Everton credit. I knew from pre-season they were a good team,” said Liverpool manager Matt Beard.

“They’re going to surprise a few people this year. Their season is on now.”

Dane Sorensen arrived at the club in the summer and quickly imposed his style on the team in pre-season, asking his players to be bold, creative and forward-footed.

He moved full-back Gabby George into a more advanced left-back position, while using Scotland international Lucy Graham on the opposite side, and both were impressive on Sunday.

They have controlled possession and set the pace in Everton’s opening two games of the season, and while there were obvious teething problems against West Ham, the game plan was perfectly executed against Liverpool.

Brian Sorensen joined Everton on a two-year deal this summer

Sorensen also had a clear recruiting plan. He said he wanted to offer opportunities to England’s youth players who were competing for playing time at their clubs, so he brought in Manchester City’s Jess Park and Chelsea’s Aggie Beever-Jones on loan.

He has brought a good balance to the team with a combination of experience and young talent and there is depth in several attacking positions.

But it’s not just Sorensen and his staff who have made an impact on the field.

The players have spoken as a result of the “calm” atmosphere created, the implementation of “new ideas and cultural changes” has been praised.

“There’s definitely a strong structure,” Park said.

“Every day we work on solidarity and the environment and I think that’s great. That’s also up to Brian.”

A big part of that building environment is Sorensen’s goal of strengthening the team’s bond with its fans.

A few months ago, Peña invited members of the staff to meet him at the Liver building where they discussed how they could help each other this season and, after the opening weekend’s win over West Ham, he took time to speak to Sorensen. fans to gauge their opinions.

Earlier this summer, Everton held an open training session at Goodison Park for fans to come and watch, and Sorensen vowed to work hard to show them the style of football they would enjoy.

Fans also answered calls to turn out in numbers for the derby as Everton sold out their allocation.

“I actually heard them in the game and this is what we said first about using our football to shut down their crowd,” Sorensen said.

“An amazing crowd and I’m so happy to see them celebrating.”

Everton’s performance against Liverpool was impressive with Sorensen saying: “It’s the way we did it that pleases me the most.”

It has added fuel to growing optimism around the club as Everton look to once again make their mark in the WSL with performances like this against Liverpool.

So can they build on their progression and will the Merseyside derby victory be the catalyst for a change in momentum?

“I hope so. When you win games the confidence goes up and the way we did it is good for everyone,” Sorensen said.

“Let’s enjoy this so we can start focusing on the next one.”