Meghan Trainor Reveals The Inspiration Behind ‘Remind Me’


Meghan Trainor sat down with CNN to talk about “All About That Bass,” her new album, and the importance of self-love.

The American singer-songwriter appeared on CNN’s “Who’s Talking To Chris Wallace?” this week to discuss his fifth studio album, “Takin’ It Back,” which was released Friday.

The album is full of upbeat pop songs like “Made You Look”. But throughout the album, Trainor also touches on difficult topics, such as her changing relationship with her body and self-esteem after becoming a mother.

“I noticed that the first songs were kind of heartbreaking. At first they were sad,” he said. “And I said, no, I’m happier than ever. Why am I sad?”

“Remind Me,” the album’s 15th track, began as a reflection on how “it’s so hard to be covered up,” Trainor said. The musician welcomed the birth of her first child by caesarean section in February 2021.

“And I’m singing to my husband, because he tells me all the time, I’m beautiful and I’m fine, I feel like I have stretch marks and a caesarean, I feel like I’ve been ripped off. And it took me a while to like myself again and be able to look at my body after all that scarring,” she said.

The album also touches on “mother guilt” and the difference between social media and reality, as in the song “Don’t I Make It Look Easy”.

“My first songs were about being a mom and, don’t I make it look easy for you,” Trainor said. “I’m tired. And I’m a working mom and I have mommy guilt. And I tried to be relatable and put it in every song.”

Trainor has historically been the “queen of melody,” starting every song with a melody, she says. But on this album, he focused on the lyrics and the message behind each melody.

“I would sit at the piano a lot before the songwriting session, do homework and have an idea,” he said. “And luckily it worked every time, but I said, I’m going to do a chorus and then I’m going to let the songwriters come in and we’ll work them out.”

Self-love is a recurring theme in the album’s 16 songs.

“It’s the hardest thing, and that’s why I write all these self-love songs, because I believe in you,” she said. “You’re amazing.”