My Favorite Wholesome, Humiliating Stunt, by the Stars of ‘Jackass’

Most of us would call it a nightmare. Steve-O called it a dream.

It was sometime around 2009. Steve-O, the stunt performer known for his work on the “Jackass” TV show and movie series, was asleep. In his slumbering mind of him, a vision appeared: The “Jackass” director Jeff Tremaine stood before him. In Tremaine’s hand was a permanent marker, which he was using to draw a dart board on Steve-O’s face. The rest of the cast looked on in anticipation.

“The implication in my dream was very clear,” Steve-O said. “They were getting ready to blatantly throw darts at my face.”

Steve-O woke up. Then he had a thought that few people would have, a thought that helps explain why he’s a good fit for “Jackass” in the first place:

“I was like, ‘Oh man, I have to do it.'”

The dream was the seed for “Fart Darts,” a segment in “Jackass 3D” (2010), the last time the “Jackass” gang came together on the big screen. On Feb. 4, the crew – led, as always, by Johnny Knoxville – will return with “Jackass Forever,” which puts the guys through new stunts, pranks and Rube Goldbergian torture devices. (Well, most of the guys: One of the original cast members, Bam Margera, was fired by Paramount in 2020 for breach of contract. Margera has since spoken out against his co-stars di lei and filed a lawsuit claiming wrongful termination.)

Knoxville has said that this will be his final “Jackass.” Over the years, he and the rest of the group have developed soft (and, surely, tender) spots for some standout stunts. In separate interviews, Knoxville, Steve-O, Tremaine and the filmmaker Spike Jonze, who, with Knoxville and Tremaine, created “Jackass” and produced the new movie, each recalled one of their favorites.