Obama is getting ready to campaign by hitting the airwaves across the country

Major Democratic campaigns across the country released ads this week featuring the same candidate: former President Barack Obama.

Ahead of a more vigorous return to the campaign trail next week, with trips to four battleground states, the former president has appeared in television, radio and digital ads for gubernatorial and senatorial candidates in Nevada, New Hampshire, Wisconsin (Pennsylvania). Illinois and Florida.

The announcements mark the most public of Obama’s midterms and come just days before the former president plans to meet with candidates on Oct. 28 in Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin on Oct. 29 and Nevada on Nov. 1. According to the spokesman of the former president. More ads from other Democratic candidates are expected to be released next week.

In the Senate races, Obama has cut ads for the senator. Maggie Hassan, the Democratic incumbent of New Hampshire closed in a tight race with Republican Don Bolduc; Pennsylvania Gov. John Fetterman, the party’s nominee who represents Democrats’ best chance in the Keystone State to flip a Senate seat this cycle; and Wisconsin Gov. Mandela Barnes, the Badger State’s Democratic candidate vying to unseat Republican Sen. Ron Johnson.

“So when the fate of our democracy and a woman’s right to choose are at stake, I know John will fight for Pennsylvanians,” Obama said. Fetterman’s ad. “You can count on John Fetterman. Make sure he can count on you.”

And about Barnes, Obama says: “Wisconsin, you have a big responsibility this year. Control of the Senate is in your hands.’

In the gubernatorial races, Obama has appeared in ads endorsing Gov. Steve Sisola, the Democratic incumbent of Nevada; Gov. Tony Evers, the incumbent Democrat from Wisconsin; Charlie Crist, where the Democratic gubernatorial candidate is challenging Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis in Florida; and Governor JB Pritzker, the Democratic incumbent of Illinois.

“If you care about protecting your right to vote, protecting access to abortion, and investing in the public education of our children, you need to get out and vote for my friend Governor Tony Evers,” Obama says in his Wisconsin location.

In the same Nevada ad, Obama says, “I know you always hear how ‘this’ or ‘that’ election is the most important ever, but what’s happening right now really matters, and here’s why. Prime Minister Steve Sisola is in a real fight. Republicans are spending millions trying to defeat him. And we can’t let that happen.”

So far, Obama’s involvement has been primarily through fundraising, with the former president raising money for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the Democratic National Reunification Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic National Committee in August and September.

By backing Democratic candidates, Obama hopes to help his former vice president, President Joe Biden, avoid the kind of “heist” the former president did in the 2010 midterms, when Democrats lost control of the House and lost seven seats. the senate The party in power two years after winning the White House often suffers heavy losses in subsequent legislatures.