The war in Ukraine is testing the power of the tech giants

The Telegram experience illustrates competing pressures. The app is popular in Russia and Ukraine for sharing war images, videos and news. But it has also become a staging ground for wartime disinformation, such as unverified battlefield footage. On Sunday, Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, announced to his more than 600,000 subscribers on the platform … Read more

A battle in Kharkiv shows how Ukraine responds to the Russian invasion

He was approached by Russian troops soon after the invasion began last Thursday, but for three days Ukrainian forces kept the Russians at bay. Then, on Sunday, Russian troops entered the city according to the region’s governor, Oleh Synehubov. What happened next offers clues to the fierce resistance Russian soldiers are encountering in Ukrainian cities … Read more

US companies suspend operations in Russia, citing war with Ukraine

US-based companies operating in Russia shut down local services in retaliation against President Vladimir Putin invasion of ukraine. FedEx and UPS, two of the largest shipping companies in the world, have both stopped sending shipments to Russia, effective immediately. Shippers also announced the suspension of inbound and outbound parcel deliveries to Ukraine, citing the need … Read more

Watch these 13 movies before they leave Netflix in March

“Interview with the Vampire” (March 31) Anne Rice’s best-selling “Vampire Chronicles” finally hit the big screen in 1994, starring Tom Cruise as the lead vampire Lestat, a role whose sexual fluidity and camp theatrics seemed to many (including including Rice herself) out of the actor’s reach. Yet Cruise pulls it off well, conveying the character’s … Read more

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FIFA suspends Russia from World Cup, UEFA bans teams from European competition

Russia has been expelled from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar by FIFA after world governing body and European association UEFA issued a joint statement confirming that all Russian national teams and clubs have suspended until further notice following the invasion of Ukraine. . Amid growing pressure from European nations and the International Olympic Committee, … Read more

American football plans to pass resolutions on gender equity and discriminatory chants

A set of proposed resolutions addressing gender equity and discriminatory chants are set to be considered by the U.S. Soccer Federation board on Friday. If passed, the resolutions will take effect immediately and become the official position of the USSF. The gender equity proposal consists of three parts. The first involves an update to the … Read more

FIFA and UEFA suspend Russian national teams and clubs from all competitions ‘until further notice’

FIFA and UEFA have suspended Russian national teams and clubs from all international football competitions “until further notice”, the organizations announced on Monday. The suspension, which comes after Russia invaded Ukraine, will likely rule the Russian squad out of the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. “Football is fully united here and in full solidarity with … Read more

NHL condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and ‘calls for a peaceful resolution as soon as possible’

The NHL takes a stand against Russia and its continued invasion of Ukraine. In a press release on Monday, the league outlined the measures it has put in place to rebuke Russia’s actions. “The National Hockey League condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and urges a peaceful resolution as soon as possible,” the statement read. “Effective … Read more

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine exposed EU energy vulnerabilities

Europe’s energy supply is sufficient to survive the winter, but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has exposed vulnerabilities that need to be addressed, the European Union’s energy commissioner said on Monday. “We cannot allow any third country to destabilize our energy markets or influence our energy choices,” Commissioner Kadri Simson told reporters after a joint meeting … Read more