Paul Simon Fast Facts | CNN

CNN — Here’s a look at the life of singer-songwriter Paul Simon. Birthday date: October 13, 1941 Birth place: Newark, New Jersey Birth name: Paul Frederic Simon Father: Louis Simon, university professor and professional musician Mother: Belle Simon, primary school teacher Weddings: Edie Brickell (May 1992-present), Carrie Fisher (August 1983-July 1984, divorced), Peggy Harper (1969-1975, … Read more

Jake Tapper heads to prime time as CNN announces its slate of midterm election programming

New York, NY CNN — Jake Tapper is moving to prime time as part of a major set of programming changes CNN announced Thursday that will go into effect in the midterm elections. Tapper, the network’s main Washington anchor, will anchor the 9:00 pm hour beginning October 10th and ending November 11th. “The world relies … Read more

US Constitution Fast Facts | CNN

CNN — Here is the Constitution of the United States, which establishes and enforces the final law of the land. The Constitution consists of a preamble, seven articles and 27 amendments (last addition in 1992). The first three articles of the Constitution established a federal system dividing power between three branches: legislative, executive and judicial. … Read more

Opinion: How Trump’s terrible day just got worse

For former President Donald Trump, it wasn’t even the worst new law he received Wednesday. That came after a unanimous three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Atlanta vacated the court’s ruling, partially blocking an ongoing Justice Department criminal investigation into whether Trump illegally detained him. a-Lago (and refuse … Read more

Amazon’s Bezos, Jassy must testify in FTC investigation

The decision comes from before Amazon (AMZN) He claims FTC staff harassed the two men and imposed disproportionate burdens on them. Amazon submitted a petition to the agency’s top officials asking them to intervene. But agency commissioners said Amazon failed to meet the legal threshold to quash the civil subpoenas issued to the two men. … Read more

Stocks pre-market: Jerome Powell heads to ‘danger zone’

“We feel the economy is very strong and will be able to withstand tighter monetary policy,” Powell said in March. Slower growth and higher unemployment “are painful for the public we serve, but they are not as painful as having to restore price stability and have to go back again,” Powell said. Breaking: The central … Read more

Brad Pitt has launched a gender-neutral skincare line

Written by the author Amachi Orie, CNN Brad Pitt has entered the world of beauty with the launch of a skin care line, and it’s for all genders. “Le Domaine,” which the actress co-founded with organic winegrowers the Perrin family, aims to slow down the skin’s aging process so that everyone — regardless of gender … Read more