Premier League: Clubs allow minimum one-year bans for fans

Fans involved in anti-social or criminal behavior at Premier League pitches will face a club ban of at least one year.

A minimum term of one year has now been decided at the Premier League shareholders meeting.

The bans will come into effect immediately and will apply to both home and away matches.

They will ask fans who “carry or activate pyrotechnics or smoke bombs or enter the field without permission.”

“Clubs unanimously agreed to introduce minimum-length bans for supporters involved in anti-social and criminal behavior at league stadiums,” the Premier League read after today’s meeting.

“These bans could also extend to parents or guardians of children who engage in such activities.”

Tottenham defender Eric Dier told BBC Sport this week that he believed there were problems with fan behavior in Premier League grounds it was getting worse and worse.

The 28-year-old England international has said he feels “too comfortable” for his family to attend away games, despite the latest measures taken by the Premier League, EFL and Football Association.

Actions were taken in July after some high-profile events at the end of last season.

Aston Villa’s goalkeeper was Robin Olsen Manchester City was attacked While a Nottingham Forest fan was jailed on the final day of the Premier League campaign Sheffield United captain Billy Sharp giving the nod last season at the end of the Championship play-off semi-final match.

As well as introducing automatic bans for fans, the FA also agreed tougher penalties for clubs.

As well as working with clubs to improve individual searches and increasing the use of sniffer dogs at the ground, they also worked with social media platforms to quickly remove fan-generated videos of illegal behaviour.