Prince William, Harry Kane and Declan Rice on football and mental health

The Prince of Wales with host Kelvyn Quagraine (left) and footballers Harry Kane and Declan Rice (right)

He sat with Prince William England Starring Harry Kane and Declan Rice to discuss football and mental health.

The new Prince of Wales said the sport had taught him that “disappointment is part of life”.

The trio share how football has helped their mental well-being in a 25-minute video available on YouTube.

Prince William said he looked to former defender Rio Ferdinand for inspiration when he played football at school.

Episode, previously released World Cup It will be launched later this month, hosted by Kelvyn Quagraine and organized by football media company Copa90 with the Royal Foundation.

During the interview the prince, an Aston Villa fan, highlights the work of Shout, a free and confidential 24-hour text messaging service for people struggling with their mental health.

He said: “A lot of times you learn playing games, and many other things in life, that disappointment is a part of life and how you handle it is crucial.

“Managing some of those disappointing results in England in the past, it was difficult, I found it very difficult, because once again the same euphoria that we had has collapsed.

“You feel bad and all together, and then normal life grows back.”

Prince William added that he has “a lot of friends” he met playing football in his youth.

“Some of the greatest friendships come from playing games and pushing each other through little adversities,” he said.

He recalled that the school played four games at the same time with about 60 students, using different balls.

“The sheer size and scale and the fun of everyone running after each other, I loved it,” he said.

“I was a defender, I was stuck at the back and they told me to tackle.”

Spurs striker Kane recalled his father giving him £5 when he scored his first goal when he was five, and spoke about the Harry Kane Foundation, which has partnered with Shout.

“My goal, especially with the younger generation, is to talk to them and provide ways to talk about mental health and wellness,” he said. England the captain

“The more we talk and open up, it will definitely help to resolve it and hopefully encourage people to not be afraid to ask for help, especially when you’re feeling a bit down.”

Euro 2020 defeat ‘brought England team together’

West Ham captain Rice said he loved playing football with his older brothers as a child, and that England’s loss in the Euro 2020 final last year he brought the team closer.

“It was a special moment after that game, when we all came together after that loss, and Gareth [Southgate] he said really important words,” the midfielder said of Italy’s recent defeat.

“As a team, I think that pushed us forward because then we had to qualify for the World Cup in the next few days.

“We really got over the setback of losing that final, we showed our solidarity and our strength and I feel we are in a very good place as a team.”

If you or someone you know has experienced a mental health problem, support and information is available here BBC Action Line.

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