Putin accuses Western elites of playing a “dangerous, bloody and dirty game”.


Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a series of well-known attacks on the US and its allies in a speech on Thursday, accusing “Western elites” of playing a “dangerous, bloody and dirty game” and seeking to blame many of the world’s problems, including his own. Ukraine’s own invasion.

Speaking at the Valdai Club discussion forum in Moscow, he denied that Russia had considered using nuclear weapons against Ukraine, saying that Moscow had never “deliberately said anything” about it, but added that as long as nuclear weapons are there, there is always a risk. their use

“We have never deliberately said anything about the possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons. We have only responded with suggestions from Western leaders (of nuclear threats),” Putin said, accusing Western governments, including former British Prime Minister Liz Truss, of “nuclear blackmail” against Russia. says

Putin has also accused the West of “forcing the thesis that Russia will use nuclear weapons” to influence neutral countries against Moscow. He stressed that Russian military doctrine allows nuclear weapons to be used only for “defense.”

His comments came after Russian officials said without evidence that Ukraine was considering using a “dirty bomb”, which US Secretary of State Antony Blinken described as “another invention and the height of nuclear recklessness”. power”.

Blinken confirmed that the US is following the Kremlin’s nuclear saber-rattling “very cautiously” but that it “sees no reason to change our nuclear posture”.

In Moscow, the Russian president also accused Western governments, many of which have offered support to Kyiv in the face of Moscow’s illegal invasion, of seeking global domination and trying to control the world’s natural resources.

“Power over the world is what the so-called West bases its game on. But this is a dangerous game. It is a bloody game and a dirty game. It denies all countries’ sovereignty and their uniqueness, it does not take into account the interests of other countries,” Putin said.

Putin accused the West of “carrying out color revolutions” in other countries, “like what happened in Ukraine in 2014,” and said Western nations were “losing their minds” in global affairs.

He said the world was facing “the most dangerous decade” since the end of World War II, while doubling down on his claim that the conflict in Ukraine was inevitable, blaming the West and NATO expansion for causing the crisis.

“NATO enlargement with Ukraine [was] totally unacceptable for us, and everyone knew that, and they ignored it. They completely ignored the security interest, and an attempt failed,” he said.

“Russians and Ukrainians are historically one people. It’s like a civil war going on right now,” he continued.

Although the war has cost Russia, in the end it will be better for the country, Putin said.

“Of course, we have some problems. First, it addresses our losses as a result of the special military operation. I talk about this all the time. But we also have economic losses, but we also have massive gains. What is happening now, without a doubt, and ultimately I want to emphasize that it will be for the good of Russia and its future. It is linked to strengthening our independence in every sense, and in this case in the economic field,” he said.

The Russian president also admitted his conservative social views: “The West can do what they want with gay parades, but they should not impose the same rules on Russia.” Putin has repeatedly clamped down on same-sex relationships in an effort to defend what his regime considers traditional family values.

His speech in Moscow came hours after Russian lawmakers agreed to toughen a discriminatory law against so-called same-sex “propaganda”, banning all Russians from promoting or “glorifying” same-sex relationships or suggesting they are “normal” in public. ”

The original version of the law passed in 2013 prohibited “propaganda of routine sexual relations” among minors.

The Russian president concluded his speech by saying that the current situation around the world has “necessary conditions for a revolution”.