Red Bull: Budget cap penalty to be announced on Friday

Max Verstappen clinched his second world title in Japan with four races to go

Red Bull’s penalty for breaching Formula 1’s budget cap will be announced on Friday.

Red Bull have called a press conference at 17:30 BST at the Mexican Grand Prix to discuss the punishment.

The team is understood to have reached an “acceptable severance agreement” with F1’s governing body the FIA.

“We believe that we are not wrong and they enter the budget limit which is very unexpected, but we have to deal with it,” said driver Max Verstappen.

The penalty has not been revealed, but speculation within F1 suggests it could include a multimillion-dollar fine and a reduction in permitted aerodynamic research and development.

The FIA ​​announced this on October 11 Red Bull committed a “small breach”. From the $145m (£114m) cap for 2021, Verstappen won his first world title in the year after a tight battle with Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton.

“Minor” offenses are less than 5% of the limit or $7.25 million in 2021.

The penalty for Aston Martin for a breach of procedure will also be revealed – here a team has been within spending limits but made an administrative error.

Verstappen added that he was able to shrug off any criticism he may have received for winning the title in a year when his team could have benefited from overspending on car development.

“I can do it,” he said. “Probably them [the critics] it cannot and will never be possible. It’s a problem to deal with.”

He said he was able to do the same after winning the 2021 championship because race director Michael Masi did not properly apply the rules at the end of the safety car in the final race of the season.

He said that people who criticized him and Red Bull were “still hurt” at such times, so it doesn’t matter what you say or do.

Speaking to BBC Sport in a small group interview at last weekend’s US Grand Prix, Hamilton was asked if he would be happy if Verstappen took the title in 2021, as is theoretically possible but considered highly unlikely.

The seven-time champion said: “No, because the damage is done. I have a feeling of what we did as a team and how we achieved it and we really achieved it and I can keep that within me.

“We gave everything and we did it the right way and I’m proud of that.”

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