Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on his government to “speed up” decision-making on the war in Ukraine.


Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on his government to make decisions and “accelerate” the manufacture of military equipment as Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine enters its ninth month.

“Now we are faced with the need to speed up the resolution of the problems related to the provision of a special military operation and also the need to speed up the solution of the problems related to the fight against these restrictions in the economic sphere that we have known,” Putin said on Tuesday, the first meeting of the newly created Coordination Council.

On October 20, Putin created the Coordination Council, headed by the country’s Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, to meet the needs of Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine.

Russia’s goals cannot be fulfilled “without wide and deep coordination between all spheres of activity, all structures, all ministries, all departments, the power block and the economic block and the regions of the Russian Federation. This is precisely why the Coordinating Council was created”, he added.

The Russian leader warned that if Moscow’s operation is carried out within the framework of “standard bureaucratic procedures” there will be “no results”, and he stressed that the equipment of Russian soldiers must be “effective and modern”.

His comments on Tuesday appeared to acknowledge the difficulties Russia has faced since launching the invasion, which failed in its attempt to capture the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

Prime Minister Mishustin told the meeting that Russia’s partial mobilization should increase the production of clothing and protective equipment.

Ukrainian forces, meanwhile, have continued to advance against the Russian army, pushing through various parts of the Kherson region.

The Ukrainian army said on Tuesday that the Russian forces occupying Kherson are preparing “defensive positions” on the eastern bank of the Dnipro River, and are leaving small roads to allow them to “withdraw” from the western bank. CNN cannot confirm the Ukrainian military’s claim.

Russia has responded to Ukraine’s counteroffensive with a relentless bombing campaign, attacking energy and civilian infrastructure and sowing terror in Ukrainian cities far from the front lines of the war.

Moscow this week accused Ukraine, without evidence, of planning to use the so-called dirty bomb. The allegation has been dismissed by Kiev and its Western allies as a false flag operation that Moscow could use as a pretext to escalate the Kremlin’s war against its neighbor.