Sam Kerr Women’s Footballer of the Year nominee

Age: 29 Position: forward Groups: Chelsea and Australia

2021-22 was another remarkable season for the 29-year-old as she helped Chelsea win the FA Cup and a historic third consecutive Women’s Super League title.

20 goals in 20 league games earned him his second golden boot – one of many individual awards for the Australian.

Kerr was named PFA Players’ Player of the Year, Chelsea’s Player of the Season, Football Writer’s Association Women’s Footballer of the Year and scored the goal of the season against Manchester United on the final day.

For her team, Kerr, who was the top scorer at the 2022 Women’s Asian Cup, became Australia’s all-time leading scorer after surpassing Tim Cahill’s record of 50 in January.

Good Kerr…

… which goals were your favorites last season:

“For me it’s the best goals that mean the most. Aston Villa’s [she scored a 92nd-minute winner in March 2022] it was the most important thing for me. I’m not known for my “worldly” goals, but I’m all for getting it done when it matters.

“The most important thing is for the team to be in first place in the classification at the end of the season.”

… scored twice on the final day of the season against Manchester United to win the title:

“In those moments you have to take risks and the girls give me the stick because I never hit anything with my left foot [as she did for her first against United] but you just have to take advantage of the opportunities. Second goal, it sounds crazy, but I try things like this all the time in training. I think one of my strengths as a player is trying things that other players wouldn’t try.

“You have to picture yourself in those big moments and I liked it. I’ve always done it because I think if you can’t see yourself in those moments of pressure you’re going to bottle up when you get there.

“I do it before games where I’m not doing anything. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t, but a big part of my game is seeing myself in the moments before it actually arrives, so when it arrives I feel super. relaxed.”

Sam Kerr scored two stunning goals to help his side beat Manchester United and win the WSL title last season.

what drives:

“I know myself better than anyone. Once I feel comfortable in a team… the most important thing is to get the confidence of my teammates and that they want to put the ball where I am in the 90th minute.

“I don’t think about anything anyone says about me, one day they hate you, one day they love you, that’s life.

“I just try and win [trophies].”

… initially struggling when he joined Chelsea:

“I wanted to come here and make an impact right away, but sometimes it doesn’t happen that way, but the same thing happened to me in Chicago, I didn’t score in the first six games I was there.

“Once I established myself in the team off the field, I started playing well on the field.”

… how he discovered football:

“I was a late bloomer so I didn’t get into football until I was 12. I grew up playing Aussie rules, but my mum and dad let me play when I started coming home with black eyes and a bloody face. My cousin was playing football, so I thought I’d give it a try, and i hated every second of it.

“It wasn’t until I was 15 and they identified me with the national team that I realized I was good enough and that I could go somewhere. Until then I was playing with the boys.”

What others say

Chelsea manager Emma Hayes: “For me, he is the best striker in the world.

“Champions don’t make excuses or look for someone else to manage them. Sam takes charge and every time I listen to him and watch him perform, he’s in charge.

“He’s in control to make sure he sets the standards for himself and that’s what I admire. He sets that tone in a way I’ve rarely seen. We’re very lucky to have him at this football club.”

2021-22 achievements

Sam Kerr's stats

do you know

  • Kerr made his international debut at the age of 15 in 2009
  • Given the key to the city of Perth at a ceremony in June
  • He likes to do the backflip goal celebration
  • She was the first female player to appear on the cover of EA Sports’ Fifa soccer game
  • He has Indian heritage: his grandparents immigrated to Australia from India in the 1960s

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