‘SNL’ Trump pleads his case to get his banned Twitter account back

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It’s been a crazy week for Twitter, and “SNL” took advantage of the chaos.

Elon Musk completed his $44 billion deal to buy the company last week, leading to mass layoffs and questions about whether the world’s richest man would restore some of his banned accounts.

“Saturday Night Live” envisioned what that process would look like on Saturday night’s episode.

“On October 27, Elon Musk completed his $44 trillion acquisition of Twitter (TWTR). On October 28, Musk publicly announced that the content moderation board would review previously banned accounts, and immediately fired thousands of Twitter (TWTR) employees. So things are going well. excellent,” read a narrator on the NBC variety show. “Now we go straight to the first meeting of the Content Moderation Council.”

The meeting was chaired by Kenan Thompson and Chloe Fineman as Twitter employees, hearing the cases of banned users.

“Good morning everyone. Today we will decide whether suspended accounts will return to Twitter,” said Thompson’s character.

Fineman replied: “And who better than us? The only two Twitter employees who haven’t been fired.”

The first: the woman played by Cecily Strong, who was very disturbed by the Covid pandemic.

“Covid PLANdemic was created by Big Pharma to silence me. Everyone is trying to silence me,” she said. “Ma’am, please speak at a lower volume. I’m sorry, am I too loud for your precious intensive care units? You’re not even sick!”

Later in the meeting, the host of this show, Amy Schumer, playing a bot account, took the podium.

“Hello. Oh my god, your profile is so funny. I love funny guys,” said Schumer, dressed in a red dress as a bot. “They said I was a bot, which is crazy. I’m all female and I love funny guys like you. In fact, me and other girls you should check out this website we are in.’

Website address? “www.sexpalace.bitcoinscam.iraq”.

Thompson said Schumer sounded too good to be true.

“Oh my god, you’re so funny,” said Schumer’s bot. “I bet you have an awesome social security number.”

But the most notable person who spoke before the council: former President Donald Trump, played by James Austin Johnson. Trump banned his account in 2021.

Fineman asked why Trump would come back when he has his own social network.

“Yes, we’ve all been to Truth Social, and we love Truth Social. It’s very big,” Johnson Trump said. “And in many ways, it’s also terrible. It’s very bad. Very, very bad. It’s a little bit of a bug in terms of cracking the phone screen and automatically emptying Venmo.”

Johnson told Trump to get back on Twitter because he wasn’t going to do anything wrong this time.

“Maybe…except for the blow,” he said.

Fineman and Thompson’s Twitter staff agreed, saying “rolling the dice, right?” both before Musk released it via a tweet.

“Yes! We are finally free!” said Fineman.