Some Belarusians want to fight the Russians in Ukraine. They also hope to free their country from the grip of Putin

CNN — In a wooded area on the Polish side of the Polish-Ukrainian border, men dressed in crisp, clean camouflage are given tourniquets. They kneel on the muddy ground and begin to learn basic survival training. They call themselves the Pohonia Battalion, a group of less than 30 Belarusian exiles living mostly in Poland and … Read more

Belarus’ other border crisis – Reuters

Every week, aid workers from the Polish non-governmental organization (NGO) Grupa Granica find between 40 and 80 migrants in the freezing forest of Białowieża, just across the border from Belarus. Anna Alboth, one of the founders of Grupa Granica, which helps migrants and monitors human rights abuses, says that while the number of migrants arriving … Read more

Belarus, Russia’s ally on Ukraine’s border, says it could host nuclear weapons if threatened

Moscow — Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko said Thursday his country could host nuclear weapons if it faces any external threats, as soar tensions between his ally Russia and the West over Ukraine. Lukashenko is due to hold talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Friday. “If necessary, if such stupid and mindless … Read more

State Department urges Americans to leave Belarus “immediately” as tensions rise with Russia

The State Department urged all Americans in Belarus, which borders Ukraine and Russia, to leave “immediately” on Monday night, amid “concerning Russian military activity” near the border with Ukraine. The updated guidance, which also tells Americans not to travel to Moldova, comes after a US official told CBS News that Russian units near Ukraine have … Read more