Tenants of Festus Apartment Complex Welcome State Inspectors | Politics

Molly Herrell says she won’t be sleeping in her room at Oak Knoll Apartments in Festus because of the air quality. (After shipment) FESTUS – When Michael and Molly Herrell moved into Oak Knoll Apartments here at the end of 2019, there were good vibes. They had a two-bedroom downstairs unit for $460 a month, … Read more

Mardi Gras preparations accelerated ahead of winter weather expected on Thursday | St. Louis News Headlines

SOUTH ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) – Soulard will once again host the 43rd annual Mardi Gras celebration, two years after it was last held in person. While Mardi Gras celebrations in St. Louis include 12 events over a two-and-a-half-month period, this weekend’s Mayor’s Ball and Grand Parade are the highlights of the celebration. “With a few … Read more

Historic Moment: Mill in West Pennsboro Township has made National Register of Historic Places | History

Like a wheel, thoughts of ownership had been turning around for years. “The mill has always been in the back of my mind,” Randy Heishman said. It began with stories he heard as a boy of his great-grandfather coming up from West Virginia in 1919 to settle in the rolling countryside between Carlisle and Newville. … Read more

New Kirkwood home torn down in the middle of construction after a small mistake puts the property in violation of city code | St. Louis News Headlines

KIRKWOOD (KMOV.com) — A Kirkwood home in the middle of development was torn down this week because at one point during the process, the property was built in violation of city code by over one foot, and the city would not let that one mistake slide. “There’s no such thing as building anything without some … Read more

Area first responders train to save ice fishermen | Local News

KANSASVILLE — “Hey, We Energies, can you take down a power line so we can make sure we’re ready to save people who fall through the ice?” “Yeah, sure, no problem.” That may not be exactly how the conversation between the Kansasville Fire & Rescue Department and the electric/natural gas utility went, but it’s close … Read more

Argyle couple offers the ‘treehouse experience’ on Airbnb | Local

ARGYLE — Lucas Mihuta didn’t have a treehouse growing up. But he always wanted one. “They’re outside the box,” Mihuta said. “There’s nothing cookie cutter ever about a treehouse.” As a surprise, his wife, Kristin, booked them a night away at a treehouse in Vermont. The man who ran it inspired the Mihutas to build … Read more

Teenager falls through bathroom floor of continuously problematic Cahokia Heights apartment complex | St. Louis News Headlines

CAHOKIA HEIGHTS (KMOV.com) — From leaking ceilings to rodents running amok, some Cahokia Heights residents said they’ve lived in these types of conditions for years. They’re living at Greystone Apartments, which is low-income housing, funded by your taxpayer dollars. Today, an incident that could have been life threatening, had residents calling News 4 once again. … Read more