French presidential election: what are the challenges for women?

Editor’s note: This story is part of As Equals, CNN’s ongoing series on gender inequality. For more information on series funding and more, check out our FAQs. CNN — At his last campaign event before the first round of the 2022 French presidential election, Emmanuel Macron says a crowded stadium that gender equality would be … Read more

Abortion, LGBTQ Rights and More: A Roundup of Controversial Red State Actions

CNN — Republican-led states across the country have enacted a series of new restrictions on abortion, the rights of LGBTQ and transgender youth, and the discussion of critical race theory. Here’s a look at some of the legislation passed this session, where the bills are coming from, and what’s under consideration. The flurry of activity … Read more

Even the rich may need to rein in spending as the global economy falters

new York CNN Business — Are upper-middle-class and affluent buyers starting to feel the effects of rising prices and geopolitical concerns? If so, what does this mean for the rest of American consumers? Stock market volatility, inflation and concerns about rising interest rates could soon dampen all parts of the economy, even demand for luxury … Read more

Indiana: How a Diverse Coalition in a Red State Ended Anti-CRT Legislation

CNN — Parents and teachers were shocked after an Indiana state senator introduced a bill requiring teachers to remain neutral when teaching about Nazism. And in less than two days, a coalition to defeat the bill was born. “Within 36 hours, we had organized more than a dozen community members and partners to testify against … Read more

USC will honor former Japanese American students with college degrees 80 years later

CNN — Kristina Hayashi was a teaching assistant in a history class in the United States when she first saw a photo of her great-uncle in 2013. During a lesson on World War II, she noticed an LA Times article about Henry Kondo in a textbook. Over the years, she had heard stories about her … Read more

Gay substitute teacher says he was fired after handing out Pride wristbands to students

CNN — A gay substitute teacher in Ohio was fired last week after handing out Pride wristbands to high school students, the latest example of LGBTQ discussion in schools sparking controversy amid heated debates in school boards and states across the country. country. Jay Bowman said in a Facebook post that he was fired for … Read more

ICON Park: “He had a bright future ahead of him.” Friends and teammates of teenager killed at Florida theme park pay their respects at vigil

CNN — He was a gentle giant who always supported others. A teammate often became a mentor. A kind and funny friend, always soft-spoken. This is how friends and family at a Missouri vigil remembered Tire Sampson, 14, who died last Thursday when he fell from a thrill ride at an amusement park during a … Read more

Judge issues temporary injunction barring Texas from investigating gender-claiming pediatric care as ‘child abuse’

CNN — A Texas judge has blocked the state from enforcing Governor Greg Abbott’s order to investigate the gendered treatment of minors as “child abuse.” “The court finds sufficient cause to issue a temporary injunction,” Travis County Judge Amy Clark Meachum said Friday night. The judge said Abbott’s order was “beyond the scope of his … Read more

Escaping the horror in Ukraine is not an option for many children with disabilities and their families

Kiev and Lviv, Ukraine CNN — Little does Vova know that a war is raging right outside her window. He doesn’t understand the meaning of air raid sirens. He is unaware of the destruction caused by the Russian bombs falling on Kiev. He just wants to build towers out of his toy blocks and press … Read more

The 2020 census undercounted Latinos, blacks and Native Americans

CNN — Latino, black and Native American populations were significantly undercounted in the 2020 census, officials said Thursday. The undercount rate for the Latino population was more than three times the rate for this group in 2010, according to census estimates. Overall, officials estimate that 0.24% of the country’s population, or about 782,000 people, were … Read more