Macron versus Le Pen: the second round of the French presidential election explained

Paris CNN — It’s Macron against Le Pen, second round. The French presidential election will be a rematch of the 2017 contest, when far-right Marine Le Pen took on political newcomer Emmanuel Macron. Macron won this race by nearly two votes to one. But while the candidates remain the same, the 2022 race looks very … Read more

Opinion: The ironic story of who actually cheated in their 2020 votes

Editor’s note: Nicole Hemmer is a Columbia University Research Associate on the Obama Presidency Oral History Project and author of “Messengers from the Right: Conservative Media and the Transformation of American Politics.” She co-hosts the “Past Present” and “This Day in Esoteric Political History” history podcasts and is a co-producer of the “Welcome To Your … Read more

Iowa judge rules Senate candidate Abby Finkenauer can’t run in Democratic primary

CNN — An Iowa judge ruled on Sunday that Democratic Senate candidate Abby Finkenauer could not run in the state’s June 7 primary, dealing a blow to her already distant hopes of ousting Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley. “Ms. Finkenauer’s name will not be included on the primary ballot for the U.S. Senate Democratic primary,” Polk … Read more

Why Democrats Are Desperate to Prove Ohio Isn’t a Lost Cause

Wilberforce, Ohio CNN — Desperate to prove that Ohio is not a lost cause, Democratic candidates for governor and an open Senate seat are trying to avoid culture wars and tap into a vein of economic populism that has eluded them in the increasingly red state in recent decades. It wasn’t long since the Democrats … Read more

‘They’re the ones paying the consequences’: Jan 6 rioters imitate Trump’s disinformation playbook but see different results

CNN — The January 6 rioters are publicizing their actions on the United States Capitol and pushing misinformation in an effort to gain notoriety in a way that echoes former President Donald Trump. But that didn’t go well for many of them. Some rioters find their words and messages being used against them in court … Read more

Biden administration ends Trump-era border policy for unaccompanied migrant children

CNN — The Biden administration partially retracted a controversial Trump-era border policy early Saturday after a Texas court ruling forced the administration’s hand and amid fierce criticism from President Joe Biden’s allies over continued use of the policy. While Biden has signaled progress in tackling the coronavirus pandemic, the administration has sent a mixed message … Read more

Barr says he stands by his pre-election comments raising unsubstantiated concerns about voter fraud

CNN — Former Attorney General William Barr on Friday stood by his widely criticized comments ahead of the 2020 election that mail-in voting was vulnerable to fraud, even as he condemned former President Donald’s false post-election claims. Trump that the 2020 competition was stolen from him. “I stand by all of that,” Barr told CNN’s … Read more

The most damning email exchange in the committee’s new January 6 filing

CNN — Buried in a court filing Wednesday night from the Jan. 6 committee is an explosive email exchange between Greg Jacob, a top lawyer for then-Vice President Mike Pence, and John Eastman, a lawyer who worked with the then-President Donald Trump’s legal team, it absolutely nails Eastman’s culpability in the events of that terrible … Read more

Climate groups launch pressure campaign targeting Biden ahead of State of the Union

CNN — Climate advocates are sounding the alarm ahead of Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday amid what they see as slow action on the climate crisis. Now that President Joe Biden’s climate bill is effectively dead, and with little momentum in Congress to revive it, these groups are pushing at the start … Read more