4 BCPD officers opened fire on a driver who allegedly rammed a police car during Dundalk’s arrest; None of the officers in the unit had body cameras – CBS Baltimore

DUNDALK, Md. (WJZ) — Four of five Baltimore County officers at the scene of an arrest in Dundalk opened fire on a driver who allegedly rammed a police vehicle on Thursday, police said. None of the officers involved, who are part of the Criminal Arrest Support Team, were wearing body cameras. BCPD spokeswoman Joy Stewart … Read more

Maryland lawmakers overturn governor’s veto on abortion access

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan veto of a measure to expand access to Abortion in the state was overturned on Saturday by the General Assembly, which is controlled by Democrats. The state will end a restriction that only doctors can perform abortions. The new law will allow nurse practitioners, nurse midwives and physician assistants to provide … Read more

Crews to remove nearly 5,000 containers on Ever Forward in bailout plan B – CBS Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — After weeks of dredging and days of towing, the Ever Forward still hasn’t moved. It’s the massive container ship that’s been stuck in the Chesapeake Bay for over three weeks. Now the U.S. Coast Guard is moving to plan B: removing the nearly 5,000 containers from the 1,100-foot-long vessel and continuing the … Read more

Johns Hopkins doctor, 38, shot dead in carjacking attempt in Baltimore

Johns Hopkins surgeon shot dead in Baltimore carjacking attemptA Johns Hopkins doctor was hospitalized Friday morning after being shot during a carjacking attempt in northeast Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Medicine said. 2 minutes ago Lamar Jackson scooters around Morgan State, apprentices at Chick-fil-AMorgan State University students had a big surprise on campus on Friday. 5 minutes … Read more

Navy ‘Hawkeye’ radar plane crash off coast of Maryland and Virginia leaves one dead, two injured

In a photo provided by the Ocean City Fire Department, rescuers assist in a rescue operation after a US Navy E2-D Hawkeye plane crashed in waters near the coast border eastern Virginia and Maryland, near Stockton, Maryland, on March 30. , 2022. Ryan Whittington/Ocean City Fire Department via AP Ocean City, Maryland – A US … Read more

Confederate ‘Talbot Boys’ statue removed from courthouse for relocation – CBS Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The century-old “Talbot Boys” statue has been removed from its pedestal outside a courthouse in Easton, Maryland. The polarizing Confederate monument heads for a new home on a Virginia battlefield. The statue, which depicts a young Confederate soldier holding a rebel flag, has stood in Talbot County for 107 years. The statue … Read more

Maryland man who had first pig heart transplant dies after 2 months

The first person to receive a heart transplant from a pig has died, two months after the groundbreaking experiment, the Maryland hospital that performed the operation announced on Wednesday. David Bennett, 57, died Tuesday at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Doctors did not give an exact cause of death, saying only that his condition … Read more

10 hospitalized, several missing after fire and explosion at Maryland apartment building

Ten people have been taken to hospital and several others are missing after a fire and explosion at an apartment building in Maryland on Thursday morning, officials said. Three victims are being treated for serious injuries while seven others are in mild to moderate conditions, according to Montgomery County Fire Chief Scott Goldstein. Around 10:30 … Read more